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Is it still in dev? No news or update for a few months. I guess ScriptFodder takes up a lot of your time now :/
But I'm just waiting for an honest answer rather than waiting naively for an update that will surely never come (if it's not in dev)

It is in development, but the path ahead is unclear, but a successor will come in one shape or another, but scriptfodder, a non game related project and college is taking up all my time.


Well, you already did a really great job :)

Thanks for your answer :)

A stock limit feature would only make this better
edit; also forgot to mention that i always have people adding me asking me if i made this lul

super rare images of Prometheus 2

Comment add a forum tab

Tu aurais une date a dévoiler pour la V2 de prometheus ? , Je suis francais xD

Would you have a date to unveil for the prometheus V2? , I am french xD

If I may suggest another feature for custom jobs.
As for I've experienced and understood, once It's purchased, It's automatically implanted.
Instead of that, maybe make some choices, for example two choices "Automatic Implant" or "Send Code to Email".
As for I ran a SWRP server, when some players purchased a Custom Job, it got quite buggy, because it was added and you can't decide your own models, only choose.

So as for It's now, we can either have no custom job purchase or have it, but then they get the job when the automatic restart or crash comes, which is bad when we run a SWRP server.

Best Regards,

You can disable automatic giving of custom jobs in the settings already. Code will then be in Dashboard > Packages > Active custom jobs

Will you give a discount for people who bought v1? like maybe a 25% - 50%?

By lDDl Darkminion at 31st of January 2017 04:24:12

Will you give a discount for people who bought v1? like maybe a 25% - 50%?

By Marcuz at 27th of May 2016 21:06:33

I have no ETA. I'm also trying to decide whether or not to make v2 a seperate addon as there has been so much work being put in to Prometheus over the years. But if I do, anyone who owns v1 will only have to pay $5 for v2, whilst the new price would be $20, since the features will be so extensive and it's a complete overhaul/re-code.

You're welcome :D

Prometheus V2 confirmed :,D

alt text

By Alek ☕ at 6th of February 2017 03:56:05

Prometheus V2 confirmed :,D
alt text

someone is about to get shanked for stealing my memes

Luna please, your brain cant even comprehend what a meme is.

By PeanutBoy49 at 6th of February 2017 21:23:15

Luna please, your brain cant even comprehend what a meme is.

you have been wronged, check your pms

Thanks dad

Hey, I don't know if someone suggest something like this already but can you add the possibility to write comments below the news section?

enter image description here

1 year ago you said will be next month :(

I have never said "next month", if so that was stupid of me. There's no way I can finish everything I'm working on right now in a timely fashion, I have to prioritise certain things above others. Right now I have college and two other projects that are way above the importance level of Prometheus unfortunately.

oops my apologies. wasnt you, but somebody on your team did give a very narrow estimate :P

and yadayada i know estimate is not confirmed date, still i was so hyped for the update

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