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ServerGuard is far most best, dedicated, clean adminstrating system I've personally ever faced. It has upgraded a lot from the first version with skilled developers.

Script Review

Starting off with ServerGuard upgrades from the moment I've purchased, they have been frequent and always brought something new.
If there was bugs with newest update, Hotfix patch was released quite fast. ServerGuard was simple but effective adminstrating system at first. For example to bring up Cloak and how it works with SG, In ULX / Fadmin and probably other adminstrating systems cloaking never covered you fully, you could be noticed by players and it really spoils whole meaning of cloak command.

How ever in ServerGuard cloak actually hides you fully as players cannot see that you are there even if player start typing or talking. You remain hidden until you decide to talk or equip weapon which is visible. Also Cloak in ServerGuard makes you in "dead" state which allows players walk through you and not get stuck at all, so you could just go in to room and stand in middle while room would be filled with players and they have no clue you are there.

When it comes to commands, you have very simple and easy to look at menu list with descriptions of each command. Menu is overall made simple, really easy to navigate and doesn't feel like it's stuffed in minimal space. Everything is organized to make things as simple as possible and this in my opinion is really good. You also have Statistic plugin in ServerGuard so you can see how many players have visited in total (unique person) for whole year.

Another really good thing in my opinion is ways that players can be in contact with staff. These are simple admin chat, Report mechanism and Help request. So basicly if you want to report someone you can just type !report and it will open bigger box where you can type. Admin chat comes handy also within staff to talk to each others. Help request is good let's say for people who wants to help staff but wouldn't
yet be in staff, with this I mean you could set advert going that if anyone has any questions about server or anything they could use !help command and Staff or "certified" people would answer to them. Also plus to all this is logging made for Reports and PMs that can be made with SG command.

Rank creating in ServerGuard is the best I've seen on multiple adminstrating systems. It allows you to choose so many things that you want to allow for each rank, like which tools/commands/sandbox limits/Physgun color each rank can have. It also has immunity for higher ranks which means lower can't do anything to higher ranked, this is done with immunity numbers which is far easier than thinking which rank higher should inherit like in ULX.

Managing players is made really simple, either go in menu and open up player list and do your magic through there or use simple keybind command to open fast menu which is similar to context dropdown boxes and mouse over player there and then run command by clicking it.

If you are other addon developer and think how could you make your addon even better, there's developer documention made from ServerGuard just for this purpose.

Support team for ServerGuard is amazing. SG has own forums that have Customer Support and Developer and even director of SG helping anyone.
So far there has been questions that aren't even related to SG and yet they receive help as far as SG staff has knowledge about them.

I'd like to thank Gurrazor for creating this amazing Adminstrating system with his dedicated group.

~Sincerely, Hodas

nice review! thanks for sharing ur thoughts with us man

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I mean he shared his thoughts with us a year ago... you didn't care then so why care now?

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