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So i got a dev last week and i did it off of a old account that i was banned and the reason why i made that was this account is my main and i was not able to use it so any who i got this guy asked him if he could setup are sever and such and he did nothing but recommend me to do stuff for him and he said he would check over it and he never did hes been gone since Thursday i have not herd anything from him i need my server up and running in the next 10-18 days time is money and i am really in the need of a dev badly that was the last bit of money i had. And his steam profile has been saying hes is snoozing https://gyazo.com/cae55e2f2133cfc3a22e3ede0c02dc5f And this is how much i payed him https://gyazo.com/0a0cf4622575586abe5b5984e66f82eb And i do know that i aggred to the thing in the notes but i cant go without my server being up and him wasting my time. This is his Profile https://www.gmodstore.com/users/view/76561198126494980 So what do it do? And can someone please contact me further on steam.

You will have to give PayPal a call. From what I have experienced personally the first party to contact them over a phone call, always win. In-fact every time I have contacted them over the phone they have closed the case right then and there, in my favour.

Due to the fact, I suppose he made you write "I here by agree that I am the real Trent Johnson and I approve this amount sent and I will not refund and or dispute this payment", you're not entirely fucked. I suggest just explain to PayPal that it was a service that was suppose to be upheld by the individual you sent money, evidently not fulfilling the intangible service furthermore ignoring you, on which you can provide screenshots if needed. Consequently, you as the buyer is not very impressed with the lack of ignorance from the seller when the service is very due subsequently seeking the payment to be disputed. I also suggest you tell them the comment left on the Payment was suggested by the seller as he was very paranoid. Ask them how you can so do it, and if they have any suggestions on how to go about it.

Oddly enough, the reviews on that profile all seem....awfully similar 3/4 talking about how trustworthy homeboy is

By ♕ Dilly ✄ at 8th of January 2018 13:44:03

Oddly enough, the reviews on that profile all seem....awfully similar 3/4 talking about how trustworthy homeboy is

Is that a bad thing

Anyone who has suppose 'rep' on their steam profile, and say something on the lines of "Look I have so much rep on my steam profile" furthermore not one -rep throughout their profile, is out to gain something from you, please...

enter image description here

I suggest so this doesn't happen again, actually hire someone with a decent amount of rep on gmodstore.
I personally don't hire anyone anymore without the individual having 20 or more rep, obviously an exception can be made if their a content creator.

Regardless, wish you the best of luck.

Hei man.

I have added you at steam, I know being scammed is horrible so I can help you out for free. I currently run a darkrp community at claimsservers.com but dou lack of time its dying, no suprise.
Give me a chat :)

Hope you figure it out tho

^ +1

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