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I'm unable to purchase any scripts, once I try check out with paypal I get to the two factor authentication screen, I input the security code sent to my mobile and then I'm met with

We can't process your payment right now, so please try again later. We're sorry for the inconvenience.


EDIT: I should also note my paypal is fine, I can buy stuff on other websites.

What script is it you are trying to purchase?

By Obitus at 13th of January 2018 20:44:54

What script is it you are trying to purchase?


By Lapin at 13th of January 2018 21:12:30


This ^ I also tried it with zmLab to make sure it wasn't just an issue with gHomes. I had the same problem.


By CVG | Nikki at 14th of January 2018 08:37:55


dude can you legit stop fucking commenting under every thread and bumping 2 year+ old threads? (yes, this one isn't old but I'm saying this here to not bump the other threads)

I can't buy vcmod els /: or anything...

Why did you bump a four week old thread to say that? Why not create your own thread with screenshots showing errors or visuals of your issues so someone could help you?

🤔 This is ridiculous. I'm still having this issue.

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