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kill me

Edit: he's also a leaker


Whoa, someones angry.

By freemmaann at 21st of January 2018 10:59:25

Whoa, someones angry.

i have good reasons

By Lapin at 21st of January 2018 11:02:46

i have good reasons

The ERROR is with securegmod I think not your add-on

It is. Because they got banned from the script because they disputed...

bump to the first page

trash talk:
first time visiting this website eventhr i dont host gmod servers and the drama here has already taught me a lot(dont leak ur ftp lul and rmb to log every conversation)(and its funny too) and the admins are amazing that how they have handle daily drama like mad.Also i wish devs would use securegmod so less drama would happen(or is there drawbacks to it?)

actual main purpose:
bump because is lapin

User has been banned.

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