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So you've come here to report someone who did something naughty, right? Or at least to view the drama that unfolds from these threads. Well, make sure you follow a few guidelines so we don't immediately toss your report out the window, or ban you for creating/posting in a thread.

Do not bring your community/rivalry drama here.

  • This means exactly what it looks like it does. If your report has nothing to do with ScriptFodder then don't post it. We don't need the drama that gets brought here by you guys, considering we deal with it enough on a daily basis.

Have Proof

  • Again, something that is pretty self explanatory. If you do not have the evidence to back up your report/claim, then don't bother posting. We need something that incriminates them pretty well, so stuff like copy and pasted chat logs do not work. (A pretty good example would be a leak forum thread that they made releasing something)

Keep the flaming low, if not at all

  • We don't need people hopping in the thread just to start throwing nasty words around attacking other users, nor do we really need random people giving their uneducated two cents and just riling people up. Keep it civil and everything should be alright since the entire point of this sub forum is to try and get enough evidence to create a verdict.

As long as everyone follows these rules when creating threads, or when posting, then there shouldn't be any problems. Just make sure to read this before you post, otherwise whomever you're reporting, if guilty, will not be punished!

Don't report if somone is using ScriptHook or another method of stealing server-side files. Almost all addons will not work with only the clientside files. The clientside files are automatically downloaded whenever you join a server, so there's no way to prevent this anyway.

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