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Theta banner


A little discussion for future updates.

Check out the progress here!


  • Full support through atomik.info/theta/support
  • Display DarkRP statistics within the panel
  • Support cut youtube videos (&t=2m3s)
  • Geo mapping (like Google)


I'd love to hear criticism/improvements/complaints about Theta.

enter image description here


Just an idea. But maybe you could add support for some of the most bought car dealers like Williams Car Dealer. So for example one of the backgrounds could be a rotation of the cars that the specific user has purchased (Cars maybe rotate on a circular petal-still and just fade out showing each car they purchased.) If the user hasn't purchased any cars it'll simply rotate between all the cars added through that servers car dealer system.

Might a interesting addition

enter image description here

By nulls at 7th of August 2016 21:38:23

1 star :c

Dealt with :v Got a bit frustrated with the guy because that was the first review and a bad impression.

By -=[PiC]=-Mr. Wee-a-Boo at 7th of August 2016 21:15:50

william's car dealer
Might a interesting addition

Sent him a message. We'll see.

After reading through the code:

By xbeastguyx at 7th of August 2016 22:40:18

After reading through the code:

don't look through my ajax.php file guys :v abused the shit out of ajax on this one. also reminds me of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poz6W0znOfk

reported broken:

enter image description here /s

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