Thank you!

Congratulations to all the winners in the 2017 Summer Gamemode Competition hosted by gmodstore! And a big thank you to all the competitors and judges for making this year's competition extra fun!

We ended on a prize pool of $4050 (+ another $405 due to two third places), which is a huge milestone for a community hosted competition. We shared a lot of laughs this year in the competition judging, and I'm sure the community enjoyed watching the stream as well. We did not dip beneath 100 viewers throughout the entire duration of the judging.

This page is dedicated to every single entry in this year's competition, and will stay here for a while to hopefully engage the community in these amazing gamemodes. Every single gamemode this year has great potentional and was a lot of fun to play. Every single gamemode deserves to be displayed here. Again, thank you to all competitors and their helpers!

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