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You are a test subject stuck in a VR environment tasked with testing various new prototype weaponry ... by killing your fellow test subjects. Grab a weapon, take aim, kill everyone else, and survive as the last subject to collect data. Be the first to hit your quota data required to complete the test protocol and win. But remember, there will always be more ...

About the Gamemode

[DATA REQUIRED] is a top-down arcade arena shooter. All players spawn in a generated maze and will need to find and pick up weapon drops to be able to kill other players. Almost all weapons can kill in a single shot, and can also kill yourself if you're not careful. Be the last survivor to win the round, and win the max amount of rounds to win the game!


  • 13 different weapons, with more to come!
  • 12 different mazes to play in
  • Built-in Maze Editor that allows you to build, save, and play your own mazes!
  • Control panel to enable/disable any weapon and maze

How to Play

Start the gamemode on the map data_testchamber. There must be at least 2 players to start the game. Use WASD to move and aim with the Mouse. Left Click to fire your weapon in the direction of your mouse. The game is top-down perspective and you aim using a free mouse. Weapon drops are colored circles with a model on top, run into them to pick them up. You can only ever have 1 weapon and you cannot pick up any other while you are carrying one. Weapons require to be used to disappear.

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