Murder maze in a gamemode in which you must find the exit to random mazes.
This may seem fairly straight forward, but the maze is full of traps, and
your fellow maze runners, both of which would love to kill you.

Death is no challenge however, whatever this place is no matter how many
times you die you just come back. There is no escape so you run the mazes,
and kill all who would stand in your way.


  • Continuous round system, ready or not it keeps going.
  • Customizeable character, so far color and model.
  • Buy weapons to decimate your fellow runners.
  • You keep all weapons and ammo on death, so stock up.
  • The more people playing the bigger the prizes.
    1st, 2nd, 3rd Get the most, 4th on gets some and runners not finished get a
    participation amount.
  • On Screen display of current rooms you've visited.
  • You also have compass above the map so you know which way yo are going.
  • Multiple traps to die by, or avoid.
  • More features to come.
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