Factories is a gamemode where players build complicated assembly lines.

Complex Gameplay

Factories is designed from the ground up to encourage high-level thinking and creative solution finding.

Single or Multiplayer

Anyone can play Factories on their own or on a server. Other players don't bother you unless you invite them to come work on your factory. You can control the level of access they have to your factory using the ingame menu.

Technology Tree

Players are offered 3 separate trees of research to complete. As the benefits of higher research become more advanced, so do the requirements to proceed. Players will be challenged to create the most effective assembly lines possible.

Modular Code

Server owners can easily add items, recipes, and technologies to Factories.


  1. Download the script from GitHub.
  2. Place the contents of factories-master.zip into your gamemodes folder.
  3. That's it!


If you have general questions about the script, feel free to ask me anything through ScriptFodder's PM system.

Please do not add me on Steam :)

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