Bring your friends into battle and kick their ass in fast-paced shooter game with different modes to play.

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Brawl is a quick first person shooter gamemode inspired by games like Counter-Strike, Insurgency and Overwatch (I know they're very different but I tried to combine some elements out of them). It isn't innovative or somewhat really unique but simply well-balanced and smooth shooter gamemode fun to play on. Just enter the game and play on any map (you should setup spawnpoints for new maps however, read about it below). When mode goal is archieved players should vote for next mode.


Currently you can play these modes:

  • Free for all Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Squad Deathmatch
  • Free for all Elimination
  • Team Elimination
  • Squad Elimination
  • Gun Game

Team modes present 2 teams, squad have 4 teams (squads), some of these will be removed after adding some planned ones

Planned modes:

  • Bomb defuse (probably will use CSS maps)
  • Point capture
  • Protect the VIP
  • Siege


Spawnmenu (default: Q) - open weapon switcher

Weapons slot 1-4 (default numeric 1-4) - fast switching weapons

Context menu (default: C) - open weapon cutomization mode

Secondary attack while in weapon switcher (default: RMB) - drop highlighted weapon

In main menu (opened by ESC) on Game tab you can change teams or toggle spectating mode.

Planned features

  • Counter-Strike-like buying system for some modes
  • Unlockable attachments
  • Proning
  • Insurgency-like leaning
  • More awards while earning new levels
  • More modes (see modes section)
  • More things; if I get money from Brawl I'll surely have a lot of time to work on gamemode with your suggestions


  1. Download the zip or clone the repository and place addons and gamemodes folders inside garrysmod folder of your server
  2. Choose gamemode by adding gamemode brawl line in your garrysmod/cfg/autoexec.cfg
  3. Add this workshop collection to server for testing or if you want to assembly your own collection, add this, this and this addons to your collection for server to function properly, no client subscribtions needed
  4. Set up your server name, password and other parameters by editing garrysmod/gamemodes/brawl/gamemode/config.lua
  5. If players are missing textures or models most likely they need to relaunch the game. If it still persists double-check your workshop section of config.lua

I recommend keeping original map and player lists for smooth experience during testing.
However if you want to set your own maps read below.

Adding maps

  1. Add map to server's workshop collection
  2. Add map to config.lua using the exapmle at the bottom of map list
  3. Run server on new map and use brawl_points_add spawn and brawl_points_remove spawn ID to edit spawns on the map
  4. Reload map and see how it works

I recommend setting from 20 to 35 spawnpoints for new maps. All maps included in test collection have predefined spawnpoints.


This gamemode wouldn't exist without these people:

  • spy, tigg, tayley, Matsilagi, wystan, FA:S 2.0 team - prividing CW2.0 weapon base
  • direded, roni_sl - helping me with small program things
  • Octothorp Team followers - for extensive testing the gamemode


If you need any help on gamemode write me on
If you spot a bug please create an issue in this repo.

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