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How to Report

Every script has a giant red REPORT button near the purchase button. When you press it, a moderator will have a sudden urge to visit GmodStore and read it.

Please read this article first!



If you believe someone is trying to sell someone else's work without permission, please provide us with a link to the original works. That'll make it easier for us to compare. (It'll be great if you give us some comparisons yourself)

Poor customer service

We're able to see support tickets. This one should be dealt with swiftly.
If you want to complain about poor customer service, you MUST include the support ticket. If you make a script report about poor customer service, without including the support ticket you have created, your report will be closed with no further investigation.

Poorly made/buggy script.

Only report this after you made support tickets. If the seller doesn't fix the bugs, then we'll deal with it. Remember to give a link to your support ticket.

Last updated April 1, 2017 23:04 by Marcuz