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Can I get a refund for something I've purchased?

Most of the time, no.

Why not?

Not all products sold on this website are protected by DRM. Once you've downloaded something, there's no way to "return" it. Nothing can guarantee that you will stop using the product upon refund. So please be fully aware about what you're buying before you spend your money.

You said most of the time, what are the exceptions?

Usually it depends on the seller. Here are a couple of scenarios where you will most-likely be able to get a refund

  • If you purchased something without downloading it.
  • If you purchased something that violated the "Selling Scripts" guidlines

If there is an bug in the addon, sort out the issue with the seller before getting the moderators involved! click here for more information about getting support

The seller is being uncooperative, help!

All transactions are between the client, and the developer. This means the staff team is not involved in the process whatsoever, and is unable to assist you. If you feel a script is broken, and there's enough evidence then we can at least disable said script and punish the one who's selling it.

Last updated February 13, 2017 15:06 by ARitz Cracker