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My script was denied for "Workshop Script", what does that mean!?

When your script is denied for the reason Workshop Script, this can mean multiple things...

  • Your script was well coded, but it lacks features and/or good selling points. This can also mean there is no way you can add any more features to the script, as it's a simple idea.
  • It's a fix, or a simple utility library. These are great, and you can code them well - but we can't see them being sold. Release them on the workshop!

So what can I do to get my script accepted?!

Well, typically if your script was denied for this reason there isn't much you can do. If you are absolutely focused on it though, try adding more features. Clean up your code, and look at other scripts on the site. Try to see what they do!

Last updated December 20, 2016 04:47 by ARitz Cracker