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Anybody can start selling on GModStore, just submit a script and hopefully it will get approved in the next few days.

Firstly please assure your content is worth selling. Here are some key things to consider. Not following some or all of this advice may lower your reputation or get you banned.

  • Don't have links anywhere on your script to a different website telling users to buy your script there - this bypasses our source of income.
  • This is an English website. So please write your posts in English.
  • Try to see things from the customers perspective. Think "would I be willing to spend my hard-earned money on this?". Be honest with yourself. If you won't even buy your product, then no one else will.
  • This is not a place for learning. Real world money is dealt with here. Real money from real people with real jobs. So we expect real skill, and real effort.
    • Everyone's "first" addons will not be worth selling. This is a fact. Actual programming experience is something you need to sell here.
    • We are assuming that what you submit is the best you have to offer.
  • Although we may occasionally give you proper feedback regarding your work if it gets denied, there is no guarantee. You're the one who's trying to sell something, so it's your responsibility to see why it may or may not be worth actual money.
  • Selling other people's work is not allowed. At all.
    • If you are trying to re-sell something that you have purchased on GModStore, then you should realize that digital items are not physical items. You can copy a digital item infinitely, so you're literally stealing sales from the original creator while doing no work on your own.
    • If your product has any 3rd party code or content, or you modified existing code or content, you must show that you have permission from the original creator to sell your that 3rd party content with your product. If you don't show us that you have permission to sell something that isn't yours, we will assume you don't.
    • If said 3rd party content is "free" and you do not have permission to sell it, then you must provide that "free" content using an external service. Either provide a link to the original source, or use something like mediafire or Steam Workshop.
    • Edited versions of DarkRP are not allowed.
  • Provide a detailed description of your product to your customers so people know what they are buying.
    • Submit multiple media entries (screenshots) so that customers know what it looks like.
    • Put some time and effort into your banner. If it looks like you made it in MSPaint -- it will be denied.
  • You must read this before submitting.

Submitting a script is very simple. Just go here fill in your script details and press submit. Your script will then be peer reviewed by our team of content curators (the better presented your script is the quicker we can review it); they'll either approve or deny your content providing feedback on what will best make it acceptable and sellable.

Once a script is approved you will need to configure your developer settings in order to begin accepting payments.

For script denial reasons, check out the FAQ!

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