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If you wish to hire someone for private work, you can click here to create a new job!
Here are some tips you should use to create a good, proper job listing. Please use some of them. If your job listing doesn't meet our standards of quality, you may be banned.

  • This is an English website. So please write your posts in English. You may provide your job description in other languages, but ensure a PROPER English translation is posted as well.
  • Be specific. Don't say things like "I need a script" or "make me a map", explain in detail exactly what you're expecting from the person you're hiring.
  • Do some basic research in the people you're hiring. Check their reputation, check their steam account, check things they have created in the past, check everything.
  • Some people pretending to be developers may just want to gain access to your server to steal your stuff. (Including Scripts from GmodStore) If that happens, we may think you're leaking, and you could be banned. So be careful.
  • Be nice and trustworthy, or your reputation may be lowered.
  • Pay as soon as the person you hired completed your work.
  • Please don't ask others to make your DarkRP jobs for you... There's instructions in the DarkRP wiki and there's also The DarkRP forum.
  • Do not post a job with an unserious budget. Use common sense for this.
  • Do not post jobs for rep farming. This means if you discuss a job via Steam, do not post it here to get a +rep.
  • Do not post jobs regarding leaked content (perp, or Santos for example)
  • No advertising your server/community.
  • There might be useful advice in this thread that you can use in order to improve the quality of your job posting.

Have fun throwing money at people and receiving goods and services in return!

Last updated December 20, 2017 22:24 by Richard