Knowledgebase » FAQ » Seller: Denial reason - 5 second script

The denial reason "5 seconds script" basically means that your script is too simple. It doesn't literally mean that we believe that you have only put very little time into the script, but it means that we find the script way too simple for the site.

Moderators have a general idea of what takes little to no time to make, and if we at the same time have the idea that the script does not have a chance to sell properly on the site while being way to simple, it will most likely be denied for being a "5 seconds script".

As said in the Selling Scripts article, (which you should really take a look at) this isn't a place for learning. You're the one who has to come up with something worth selling. Although we may occasionally give you proper feedback regarding your work, there is no guarantee.

If your scripts keep getting denied for being 5 second scripts, maybe you should practice a bit or receive feedback from the public (possibly by putting things on the steam workshop) and improve your skills before trying to make money from your work.

Last updated December 20, 2016 04:46 by ARitz Cracker