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If you want to do private work for someone, you can browse through the job listings!
Here are some tips you should use to when you apply for a job. Not following these suggest could lower your reputation or get you banned

  • This is an English website. So please write your posts in English. Jobs in any other language may be removed. You are allowed to post jobs in multiple languages as long as a PROPER English translation is provided.
  • Don't apply for jobs just to gain access to servers and steal their stuff. You WILL be banned.
  • Don't try to convince the person who's hiring you to pay you BEFORE your work is completed.
  • Finish your work before you're paid, but don't be taken advantage of. Some tips to prevent you from being scammed.
    • For maps or models, you can provide screen-shots/videos for the person you're working for.
    • For GLua scripts, start a P2P server by pressing this button in GMod and inviting your client to the server.
  • Please, don't be a DarkRP 'DEV'
  • The Scripting language for Garry's Mod is called "Lua". It's not an acronym, it's the Portuguese word for "moon".
  • Have fun sitting in front of a computer until money comes out!

Last updated December 20, 2017 22:23 by Richard