VERSION 8.0.0 is now here! Everything has been rewritten from scratch, everything is much faster, entirely new UI, and many new features!

PLEASE OBSERVE: for the first few days there might be some bugs and issues. I have thorougly tested everything multiple times, but I can't be 100% sure. Please keep this in consideration if you run into any issues! I will fix them right away, but please understand that there could be some issues (and you maybe want to wait with updating a bit)

If you are updating from v7, PLEASE READ HERE (VERY IMPORTANT)



New Features

  1. Multiple vehicles of the same class

  2. Underglow customization

  3. New system for Dealer assignment (easier to use)

  4. New system for Vehicle Access

  5. Clientside settings

  6. Favorites

  7. Improved fuel pumps

  8. Improved fuel meter/speed meter

  9. Everything should in general be much smoother!

General Features

  1. All settings, managing vehicles and such is done ingame

  2. Entities can be spawned (star wars ships, scars and other)

  3. Simple fuel system

  4. Dealers can deal different vehicles (Police Dealer, VIP Dealer, General Dealer)

  5. And much more, but in general it's a car dealer addon.

Admin menu opens by typing !wcd in chat

Currently works with:

  1. NutScript
  2. DarkRP
  3. if you want another gamemode added please make a ticket


  1. Simfphys
  2. VCMod(Health/Damage/Fuel saving)
  3. Photon
  4. SCars, WAC, TDMCars, LWCars, etc
  5. SligWolf
  6. Star Wars ships and others like it
  7. Every regular vehicle/entity in workshop should work!
  8. L² License Plates
  9. LPlates

Design/Logo credits to Diatzen

(workshop content is automatically downloaded by clients, you don't need to add this to server content)

Workshop content:

My other addons

Fining System
Fining System

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Shop System


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