A voice, station-streaming, and YouTube radio made for DarkRP 2.5.0 and higher. It includes a radio and microphone. Stream live Internet radio or YouTube videos, change channels, and enjoy music with others! Want different stations available? Not a problem: Just edit the config file.

There is an 'In-Game Voice' channel which allows players to listen to in-game broadcasters. These broadcasters can choose to broadcast a radio station or setup a DJ booth.

There's also a 'YouTube' channel for playing video audio. Searching the site is made easy. There are options for storing videos in a queue and more!

Comes with pre-coded DarkRP entities and a radio host job!



  • Broadcast voice
  • Stream Internet radio
  • Channel changing
  • Radio menu and settings menu
  • Override stream volume
  • Change channel list color scheme
  • Multiple microphones can broadcast to radios!
  • As a broadcaster, see who can hear you.
  • Destroy a radio or microphone
  • Microphone stands up (keep upright)
  • Don't want to hear someone on the radio? Mute them in-game!
  • Removes microphone on job change (on by default)
  • Enable or disable streaming of Internet radio stations
  • Chat command to open up radio settings menu
  • Refresh all stations (settings menu; troubleshooting)
  • Owners/developers can add or remove stations
  • In-Game Channel (multiple microphone support)!
    • Separate microphone channels
    • Stream voice on different microphone stations
    • Stream stations/YouTube on different microphone stations
    • Select whose microphone station you want to listen to!
  • Multiple language support
    • Players will see radio text based on their game's language
    • French & English language files are supplied!
    • Simply add a new language (instructions in README)
  • Easy-to-edit config file

YouTube Features

  • Play Ad-free audio from any public YouTube video
  • Easy-to-use menus
  • Search videos
  • Playlist queue
  • Blacklist videos (for admins)
  • Auto-seeks to ensure players are on the same part of the video
  • Configuration settings:
    • YouTube for only certain ULX rank
    • YouTube for only certain jobs
    • Blacklist words for YouTube player

Mac Users: YouTube videos are unable to play on the Awesomium HTML UI engine in GMod. As a consequence, you cannot hear YouTube audio. This problem has existed for a long time, even for Cinema servers, and it is highly unlikely to be resolved soon. The best solution would be to use a Windows computer if you want to listen to YouTube on the radios.

Video - Demo

Add-on Demo

NOTE: The video may contain content that has been changed or improved from June 2016.



  • Radio menu (press 'E' or use key on entity to open menu)
  • Change a radio's channel in menu
  • Change a radio's volume
  • Stream volume can be overridden in settings menu
  • Hear radius for listeners (must be in room)
  • Easy-to-read text
  • Ability to select a player's microphone broadcast


  • ON/OFF MODE: Turn a microphone either ON AIR or OFF AIR using 'E' (use key)
  • DEFAULT MODE: Change a microphone's channel
  • Voice radius for broadcasters (must be in room)
  • Stands up (keep upright)
  • Simple WorldTip pop-up label


Place in the server's addons folder.


You will need to have the jobs, which will buy the radio and microphone, implemented in your DarkRP. I've included a detailed readme file, which will walk and you through the steps. In the readme file, you'll also find a radio host job and two entities (radio and microphone) for your version of DarkRP (2.5.0 and higher only).

Default Radio Stations


It's pretty self-explanatory: Just find the config file in the addon's lua folder and edit values to your likings.

Add or Remove Stations

This code is located at the bottom of the config file. Follow the instructions.

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