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MrVideoFreak purchased commented 7 hours ago
-snip- (comment removed)
ATomIK author commented 2 weeks ago

oh for new users, i was looking at registered users. try now

CL34R purchased commented 3 weeks ago

Oh, well when i try to sign in i am given this:

ATomIK author commented 3 weeks ago

not entirely sure how that went down. i wasn't drunk i swear.

either way the support site hasn't been broken for weeks.

CL34R purchased commented 3 weeks ago

Your support site is broken so i'll just comment, but you must've accidentally uploaded your update for gamma in this addon because the newest version is your gamma applications.

ATomIK author commented 1 month ago

yeah just fixed it. thanks for letting me know.

something with the new php update fucked up the auth system.

should be able to log in again!

NTF Bason Taylor purchased commented 1 month ago


NTF Bason Taylor purchased commented 1 month ago

I canot login please fix same with the support ticket

For some reason adding one silent one second video worked only once so I added 2 silent 1 second videos to the start now its working all the time here is the other: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhFDyDgMVUI

ATomIK author commented 1 year ago

very clever. added to the description & will add an alert in 4.2!

Found a decent way to bypass the youtube playlist only randomising after the first video. Simply put this video at the start of your playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vbks4abvLEw

ATomIK author commented 1 year ago

After 4.0, updates won't affect your configs

Nice, how would I update without removing my configs though ?

ATomIK author commented 1 year ago

Fixed it in 4.1

Going to release it later today when I get back

ATomIK author commented 1 year ago

Woah I just tampered with 100 seconds and now I see your point. Added the 100s - 5s bug to the thread!

That doesn't seem right, I've just tested by setting the delay to be 100 seconds after the long delay of the first image the rest of the images change after 5 seconds instead of 100

ATomIK author commented 1 year ago

It's shitty javascript's load time that accounts for the first slide's delay. The timer begins once the DOM has loaded. After the first slide the timer is accurate.

One last thing I noticed the slideshow delay only accounts for the first image after the first delay is over it seems to go to a set delay which is much faster than I would like.

ATomIK author commented 1 year ago

Hell yeah, added to the to-do list!

Ah thanks, any chance of also making it so instead of going through images in order adding an option for them to choose at random same with the youtube playlist or uploaded music?

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