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$$FUMONEY$$ rated

Besides the server adverts all over it for Icefuse and Superior this is a solid load screen

you can change it that was me shilling for jobs. now i dont fucking care anymore because im rich

I try to login with my Steam Account and nothing happens, same for the "Script Support", so i consider this script dead then... It worked for me in the past when it was called Beta, but now not anymore...

DesertedCake rated

Simple to install, easy to configure, and great themes. It can be a little buggy from time to time when configuring for long periods of time, forced to reinstall. Overall I recommend it.

Manually assigned AP Biology rated

Beta Alpha load? more like Dank load.

I don't even know where to start with this, holy fuck. Maybe I can begin by stating how for just $4.-fucking-99, you're basically receiving 3 loading screens for the price of fucking 1... how fucking wild is that? Oh, and my nigga Lazer Laser fuckin' Load comes with 7 different themes, so you're getting more opportunities for customization and personifying personalizing your damn server.

A loading screen that I would love to stare at for hours

It's so sleek so simple so minimalistic... it's soo 'gets-the-job-done', I just want to take it out on a date and fuck it on the firstdate (actually, I'd rather do that with Theta load.) get to know it. The design of this loading screen is just so well done, it's just easy on the eyes as well. If you want your players wet before they even try out your shitty gmod server, then you need this loading screen to get that job done for you.

Easy & Straight-Forward Setup!

Just as you purchase this, you can attach it to your server right away and within minutes boost the approval ratings for your server, if it ever needs to run for the presidency 😆. Now onto my next point.

Unbeatable Support!

I feel like im talking w/ an actual person!

If you may be slightly mentally challenged or just cant quite figure something out, PLEASE do not be hesitant to contact AtomIK. He is the most helpful, non-judgmental angel I've ever met. He will never ignore you, he genuinely wishes to help everyone with anything they need help with. He actually CARES for his customers. I feel as if, Beta Alpha Load isn't some sort of money maker for him, it's not like a half-aborted fetus he just plopped out and left on its own, To him, it's his actual child, and he will care for it as much as he can, fixing anything that may be wrong with it, and aiding people in using his child correctly.

It just tears me up seeing someone act so beautifully. Tom really is my role model.👄💋🏩💒❤️💕💖💙💜💛💘💗💓💞💚💝💟💌

The title change describes the creator so well,

Before: Beta Load

After: Alpha Load

I may be high af or may be reading way into this, but I feel as if the rename metaphorically represents Tom's transition from being a beta to becoming an alpha. Atomik is such a sexy young man that holds a unique charm and sexual magnetism. He is such a handsome sex idol.

en fin

I'm probably forgetting to say something but o well, hopefully you already understand how dank af this loadingscreen is. If you're still not pleased, then go check out fuckin' Theta Load , it'll probably have you down on your knees. Go ahead and try both of them out, see which one appeals to you more!

                                😍     😚

               💗 I love you Tom. 💗

AP... Dude... Don't make me kiss you.

Wow, so I've forgotten to actually write reviews on anything I've bought so far, but this loading screen is definitely my favorite. People join my server thanking me for the chill music and the nice loading screen. So, thanks for that!

P.S. Check out Random Forest. They're the chill music I'm referring to.

Nobody rated

Do not have Repeat to music but good anyways.

never2nv rated

Awesome design. Easy to customize, even though I could use html/php, etc. It's still nice to have a control panel to quickly customize the loading screen how you see fit.

KJ Dhaled rated

Incredible design. Setup so easy, literally up within minutes. Very happy with my new loading screen :)

Horton rated

Really good loading screen, found it easy to set up. I had an issue but he helped me so the support was good as well.

sparkleoff rated

No words can't describe how amazing this is. Needed no support and was able to get this up in SECONDS.

Touka rated

Script itself is made with great effort and looks very nice. Love the video background feature. Has good support, responding quickly and fixing any bugs. Would reccommend.

Great support, real stand-up guy. Took down his own script until he could get some kinks worked out and now.. it's even MORE amazing. Scripts for uploading sound files and backgrounds, the thing even lets you pick the various types of screens and randomize your music. Great job on this. Looks great!

Bot 01 rated

Was really sad when I thought this script wouldn't work until I contacted him! He had amazing support and appreciate all of it. It comes with it's own admin database where it doesn't require any knowledge of HTML or anything at all! It's super easy to configure and is one of the sleekest loading screen. It was wroth every scent!

Perfect loadscreen

Great dev support, they were really helpful. Now i wish ttt wasnt broken after the update today because i cant even use my server anymore :P

Squid rated

This was amazing, it was Super easy to install and I love it so much thanks ATomIK You're awesome!

TristanP13 rated

Requires a tiny bit of configuration from the operator's end (basic knowledge of how Steam works - duh) but once you've dragged and dropped the folder into your FTP server and started it up it works amazing, quick, and fluid. I personally love Space Load for it's utilitarian spartan look which manages to stay minimal while showing as much information as possible (+1).

When I had problems the creator quickly contacted me and assisted, so no problems with 2 week waits or anything crazy like that.


  • Easy installation
  • Small package
  • Full customization
  • Very user friendly
  • Looks good


  • Occasionally doesn't scale right for some clients (nothing major, everything still works as expected)

Last thing to mention: make sure you have a host which supports PHP. If you are merely using HTML the program can mess up at times, though it's rare that you have one that doesn't. Well done overall.

Li'l mac rated

A classy, good looking and easy to install loading screen. Easily 5 stars! The excellent support from the author is an added bonus. Thanks again!

This loading screen is by far the best and at first we had a problem getting it to work but the creator helped us to get it working.

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