Version 4.3 Released 1 month ago

Login is fixed.

Fuck Valve.

Version 4.2 Released 1 year ago
  • added custom map image support on the cs:go theme - suggested by Cowboy Joe
  • fixed the space theme's bottom hint changer - report by Firav
  • added an alert at the bottom of the music section regarding youtube's shitty api - report by A Jewel of Rarity ᵔᴥᵔ

Files affected:

  • inc/views/server.php
  • inc/views/loading/space.php
  • inc/views/loading/csgo.php
  • inc/class/config.class.php
Version 4.1 Released 1 year ago
  • removed cycle asset - report by A Jewel of Rarity ᵔᴥᵔ
  • changed new() to create() - report by Firav
  • added config line below server name
  • added options to randomize background images/uploaded music/youtube playlist
  • added a warning regarding failed uploads

Files affected

  • inc/class/config.class.php
  • inc/class/install.class.php
  • inc/views/loading.php
  • inc/views/server.php

Files removed

  • assets/cycle.min.js
Version 4.0 Released 1 year ago

4.0 recode

  • Complete re-code
    • Faster
    • Better panel
    • New theme!
  • Add trusted staff members to edit your loading screen
  • Multi server support
  • Change-log for you to keep track of loading screen changes
  • Loading screen music choices:
    • Loop through local audio files
    • Single YouTube video
    • YouTube playlist
  • Live player count
    • Displays your current and max players
  • Combine every background type and adjust opacities
Version 3.1 Released 2 years ago
  • Fixed the image slideshow bug on SpaceLoad

Update 2/6/2017

  • Updated the README.txt
Version 3.0 Released 2 years ago

Alpha Load Revamp!

  • Complete recode
  • Deleted "Laser Load"
  • New admin panel
  • Muted background videos
  • Markdown support
    • Left and right content boxes in SpaceLoad
  • Fixed post variable confusion
  • Created/edited some awesome video backgrounds
  • Removed error spam
  • Fixed upload page
Version 2.14 Released 2 years ago
  • Umm.. Not sure why spaceload was removed lol
  • Re-added SpaceLoad.php

Files affected:

  • assets/php/SpaceLoad.php
Version 2.13 Released 2 years ago
  • Extended the height for container in SpaceLoad

Files affected:

  • assets/css/stylestwo.min.css
Version 2.12 Released 2 years ago
  • Fixed the rules title on SpaceLoad not changing
Version 2.11 Released 2 years ago
  • Fixed a typo from last update causing music not to play -_-
  • Fixed some code here and there (I need to recode this...)
  • Fixed wrapping on the uploads page
Version 2.10 Released 2 years ago
  • Added a F.A.Q. page (only for purchasers)
  • Fixed a couple bugs
  • Made the top config line more obvious
Version 2.09 Released 3 years ago

Fixed a typo in the last update.

Version 2.08 Released 3 years ago
  • Fixed a bug where config line wouldn't appear on some installs.

Thx xSTSxStichyy

Version 2.07 Released 3 years ago
  • Fixed a typo with the Steam API...
Version 2.06 Released 3 years ago

Due to popular demand,

  • Reduced the size of the gamemode/mapname font size on SpaceLoad

Files effected:

  • assets/css/stylestwo.css
Version 2.05 Released 3 years ago
  • Added another check to installation ID's

Once again thanks Bacon Overlord for breaking my loading screen. :)

Version 2.04 Released 3 years ago

Thanks to Bacon Overlord©,

  • Fixed a stupid function during installation

Thanks to Wht Blueberry,

  • Added config line to top of admin panel

Files effected:

  • assets/css/admin.css
  • assets/php/php.php
  • admin.php
Version 2.03 Released 3 years ago

Added a very helpful readme
Fixed another silly bug

Version 2.02 Released 3 years ago

Added the music panel
Fixed a few bugs with the panel
Added a wait time so that your webserver has time to create the file(s)

Version 2.01 Released 3 years ago

Fixed error reporting
Added a colored scrollbar

Version 2.0 Released 3 years ago

Beta Load 2.0

  • Fixed centering
  • Fixed weird ass centering
  • Fixed slide delay (wow im dumb)
  • Fixed slide speed and background


  • Fixed funny gifs
  • Added default map image
  • Fixed slide delay (wow im dumb)
  • Fixed slide speed and background


  • Added into Beta Load 2.0
  • Loads map image or your own image
  • Replicates Counter Strike: Global Offensive's loading screen
  • Top tips

Admin Panel

  • Recoded it's whole design
  • Organized settings into it's own categories
  • Added quick menu
  • Added form dropdowns (easier to select things now)
  • Design selection

Uploads Panel

  • New panel which handles background images and music
  • Added disclaimer about uploaded files
  • Handles all uploads and deleted files on the same page
Version 1.95 Released 3 years ago

Forgot the file security :P
This update will fix everyone being able to access your settings.

  • Fixed the SpaceLoad bug.

All bugs should finally be fixed now!

Update 2.0 will be a fully remastered version of Beta Load with a new admin panel, user management, and a new design!

Version 1.9 Released 3 years ago

This update requires you to remove all old files.

  • Added a Solid Color Background Option

Only allows the others to be false

  • Added a preview color for the Solid Color Background

Preview color

  • Fixed the Laser Load glitch
Version 1.8 Released 3 years ago

Huge Update!


  • Added a check and convert for admins who put their 32 ID instead of 64.

  • Added a check and fix for those who leave "/admin.php" in the install url.

  • Fixed video background volume somehow playing.

  • Added a README :p

  • Input boxes now allow all custom characters!
    • Send me a support ticket if you hit any bugs!
  • Added an upload and delete system for songs and image backgrounds!
    • Will be located under the "Upload" tab in the admin panel.
    • Basically a simple FTP system, but safely steam login secured and quick!
    • All uploaded songs and image backgrounds will be sent to the correct directories.
    • A small delete button by each file allows you to delete it with ease!
    • yet another addition for editing things online.

Files Affected:

  • admin.php
  • index.php
  • Added files:
    • upload.php
    • uploade.php
    • delete.php
    • deletee.php
Version 1.7 Released 3 years ago
  • Fixed SpaceLoad's donor info not being able to type "$"

  • Fixed the background cycle bug since the last update

  • Fixed the bug whenever the user updates and can't get to the setup. (session_start() is detected from an older version and locks you out)
Version 1.6 Released 3 years ago
  • Fixed a bug where the new update detects an old session id, therefore not allowing the admin to log on.
Version 1.6 Released 3 years ago

Whoops forgot the json file security fix :p

Version 1.5 Released 3 years ago



  • Fixed a ton of bugs

  • Added a delete button to delete your settings in order to fix your typos

  • Changed the admin panel design to a tab interface (much like SF's)

  • Fixed the "active tab" bug

  • Added a dropdown for the config info

  • Changed the initial setup

  • Download no longer comes with shitty music lol. Drag your own shitty .ogg files.


  • A new design inspired by Nolan's Interstellar

  • A revived design from a previous version of "Alpha Load" (will be released soon)

  • Includes everything except a background pattern option from Laser Load!
Version 1.4 Released 3 years ago

Fixed a couple bugs

  • Added more configuration to the main title
  • Thank you for politely using the ticket system :) It helps!
Version 1.3 Released 3 years ago

Please work...

This version actually works!

Version 1.3 Released 3 years ago

A Text document to the download -_- Screw zip files

Version 1.2 Released 3 years ago

This is literally a zipped text document to test scriptfodder's add version issues.

Version 1.1 Released 3 years ago

Removed download bar until further notice.

Version 1.0 Released 3 years ago

Initial version.

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