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This addon allows you to add any kind of shops to your server. They can use any model. Shops can be props or NPCs.
You are very welcome to add me if you need any help with my addon(s), adding a new function to the shop etc.

This is not to allow players to set up their own shops. This is only to save permanent shops into your map that can sell food, weapons, armor, health, entities(health kits, ammo, printer upgrades, or any other entity that you have on your server!)



  • Adding items is done 100% ingame
  • Easy config file to change colors or messages
  • Make any prop or NPC into a shop
  • Shop saves as you edit them, no need for any console commands
  • Shops can sell (by default) weapons, food, armor, health, and any entity you have in your server
  • You can set up where each shop spawn the food/entities
  • Restrict shops to only be usable by specific jobs

Full usage instructions etc can be found at

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