What is lotto?

Lotto is some kind of lottery.

You choose your own random numbers when you buy lotto. you can also generate random numbers.

When Round is finished. server will choose random numbers. Check your previous Lottery has same number that server choosen.
The more your lottery has same number, the more reward you will get.


  • Easy to install ( throw into addon )

  • Easy to configure.

  • Easy to use ( purchase lotto and goto inventory. )

  • Saves Dealer into map. ( lottodealer_save on your gmod console )

  • Limiting max lotto per player

  • Supports DarkRP 2.4.3 or 2.5.0 ( goto config file and change gamemode code! )

  • You can choose & generate random numbers

  • Dividing reward price per each person.
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