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For the first birthday of Bathroom Mod I felt it was time for an update:

  • More sounds. Toilet sound added.
  • Players can become wanted if a police officer picks up their poops.
  • Players can pick up each others poops to clean them up.
  • Players now receive warnings before they have to go to the bathroom.
  • Players won't get stuck in walls after getting off of the toilet.
  • Delays added to stop sound spamming.
  • Added comments to code.
  • Added more configuration options.
  • Various other bugs fixed.

DarkRP Bladder Simulator

Ever wish you could spray an unsuspecting citizen with a stream of urine? Have you ever desired to show the mayor just how much you like his laws by leaving a nice steaming pile of shit on his doorstep? Well now you can! Bathroom Mod adds a hilarious level of realism to your RP server. Every 20 minutes, the player must relieve himself or else he will have an accident. Players have the option of buying a toilet in which to do their business, or they can relieve themselves in public while risking arrest for public indecency.


  • Toilet vehicle, where players relieve their bladders.
  • Poop entity which is excreted by a player who has forgotten to use the restroom.
  • Urine particle effect, spray your friends with a stream of piss!
  • If a player's health is less than 25%, they will pee blood, yuck!
  • Pee SWEP included, hobos spawn with it by default.

How it works

Every 20 minutes players will have to use the toilet. If they cannot make it to a toilet in time they will start spraying urine on nearby players for 1 minute and they will drop a turd on the floor. If they do make it to a toilet in time, however, then their bladder is safely evacuated without incident.

How to install

Copy the bathroom folder into your addons directory and restart the server.

How to configure (Optional)

Various settings regarding Bathroom Mod can be tailored to your liking. To do so: open bathroom/darkrp_config/settings.lua, each value is clearly labelled and very easy to change.


Lady using the toilet

Fresh turd

Public urination

Peeing blood

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