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This is a self explanatory Himan Menu/Module. You can configure selected jobs to have the ability to accept hits. This system also comes with a Payphone Entity that can have specialized spawns.

This has only been tested on DarkRP 2.5 and up.




  • Nice VGUI
  • Very Configurable
  • Payphone Entity
  • Multiple Spawn Points


Very simple installation. Unzip your Hitman Module into your addons. ReadMe is included for further help.

To save the Spawn Points of the payphones, Spawn them all in and then type "save_hitmanpos" in console.

Special Thanks:

Header designed by: UnderYouFive


I am more than happy to help with anything from installation to a new design. You can add me on steam for help or create a support ticket.

Add me: BCBEST

If you are needing help with script errors or other kinds of errors, please open a support ticket.

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