gTerminal - Become a ~real~ hacker

gTerminal is an advanced DarkRP module which adds a virtual hacking terminal to the game that players can use to complete missions for rewards

What are you talking about?
Please watch this video for a demonstration. (In 60FPS 1080p)
This is one of the missions.


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ CLICK ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

There are many missions to keep your players entertained for hours! It provides an alternative to printer farming

You can view the tutorial document here:


  • Multiple varied missions
  • Randomized usernames + passwords + IPs + puzzles - You can't just memorize the missions because they change every time!
  • Several puzzles to keep players entertained and make them work for their money
  • Mail system - Players receive missions through E-Mail


  • ftp_crack - Cracks the username/passwords
  • mail - Views E-Mails
  • loic - Floor web servers
  • mbank - Banking service
  • paypal - PayPal service
  • ddos - Used to take down firewalls
  • ftp - Used to view and download files on a remote server
  • http - Used to download remote files on a server

There are also linux-style commands, such as cat, li, rm and clear


A Garry's Mod DarkRP 2.5+ Server


Feel free to E-Mail me about any questions or queries you may have before/after purchasing this script. My E-Mail is - Make sure to include all your details.


  1. Download
  2. Drag the manolishacking folder into your addons
  3. Edit the sh_config.lua file


Does this impact server performance?

Please do not post errors/problems in the comments. Instead, make a ticket :)

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