By Marcuz and Newjorciks

What is NeutronAdmin

NeutronAdmin provides you with a full administration suite for your Garry's Mod server. We strive to deliver the features you require with NeutronAdmin. NeutronAdmin is based around simplicity and extensibility, you as the server owner can make permission groups for your administrators and moderators easier than ever before, and it's fully extensible. You can choose what kind of permissions they have for each server you assign to the panel, whether it is all, or none.

Please use this for support and not ScriptFodder

Rolling Changelog

Public trello for bug reports / new features




  • PHP 5.4 or later
  • MySQL database with remote connections enabled
  • PDO MySQL enabled in php config
  • BCMath enabled in php config
  • PHP-XML dependency
  • allow_url_fopen enabled (fsockopen) in php
  • OpenSSL ( With HTTPS wrapper )
  • OpenID/OpenSSL installed and enabled in php config
  • Optional SMTP mailserver
  • cURL

No. Enjin does not work with this.

Garry's Mod server

  • MySQLoo (8.1 or higher) or tMySQL modules
  • Optional RCon enabled
  • Optional LuaSocket module

Admin mods

  • Support for all admin mods, quick commands are by default a set of ULX commands

Feature list

  • Completely secure. Any communication(Well, apart from the obvious flaw in RCon) with or from server is done with secret keys or through a closed connection. Anyone who isn't authorised can't do any post requests to panel.
  • Three communication methods with the server: RCon(), MySQL(MySQLoo or tMySQL) and sockets(Bromsock socket module This one is super secure)
  • Proper mutli server support
  • Stop/Restart server. With time until restart/shutdown plus a custom message to the server to tell them why it's going down/restarting
  • Fully configurable permission groups (Inheriting, and "cant target" features)
  • Quick actions(Quick commands) that can be executed on players. Fully configurable. Can even limit ban time, etc
  • Execute console command on server
  • Execute console command on all servers simultaneously
  • Command blacklist. Fully configurable
  • Server information(Uptime, map, players, etc)
  • Lastest disconnects from server in server view
  • Server chat(Send message to server or view chat)
  • Filter server(deny) chat for specific first letters / words
  • Request admins(Request an admin from ingame - Admins are emailed(if email is specified) and notified on the panel)
  • Player logs(Logs kills, team damage, ulx command logs. This will be expanded upon as developement proceeds)
  • Admin stats & logs(tracks admin activity on servers and commands ran from panel)
  • Player profiles(View how much time they've spent on a server, when they first joined, last seen, etc)
  • Admin chat (Admins can chat to each other in a private chat on the web panel)
  • Put admin notes on players profile, this is useful for knowing about their past incidents etc
  • Ability to choose default group people who try to log in to the panel get, incase you want regular users to be able to only view online players, etc


Neutron has its own theme by default, but it also has a Prometheus style theme



This is because with that system I can assign more support representatives for now, until Scriptfodder itself gets this feature

After purchasing

After purchasing you need to visit in order to get your API key. It may take up to 15 minutes for this to update after your purchase.

The documentation/wiki is located here:

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