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boom commented 1 month ago

is there a way to make it so admins can only noclip if on duty? with this?/ only a cretin job

Jam Session purchased commented 2 months ago

Hello! I was wondering if there would be a way to search by IP in the Admin config.

Marcuz admin author commented 3 months ago

Yes @zombie

@senpai you can make people have separate ranks on neutron than ingame

[E-G] Zombie-Shark purchased commented 3 months ago

Is it compatible with Maria DB ?

So I could make it so admins can get a seperate rank then there admin rank?

Marcuz admin author commented 3 months ago

in a quick action*

Marcuz admin author commented 3 months ago

It works with absolutely everything as long as you use the right code in custom action.

Does it make a seperate group then what ulx makes? Like can an Admin be an admin in the addon and a VIP in ulx?

Does it also work with bwhitelist?

-snip- (comment removed)
[BB2] JonnyBoy0719 purchased commented 4 months ago

Want to report that local Cmd = Neutron.Commands.List[T.type] is throwing an error.


rcon from "*.*.*.*:*****": command "neutron {"name":"restart","type":3,"msg":"Example text","time":"10"}"
Unknown command "{"
rcon from "*.*.*.*:*****": command "{"name":"restart","type":3,"msg":"Example text","time":"10"}"

[ERROR] addons/neutron/lua/neutron/commands.lua:55: attempt to index local 'T' (a nil value)
1. Run - addons/neutron/lua/neutron/commands.lua:55
2. unknown - addons/neutron/lua/neutron/commands.lua:45
3. unknown - lua/includes/modules/concommand.lua:54
Marcuz admin author commented 4 months ago

OpenSSL is not the same as SSL. So yes. PHP usually comes with OpenSSL.

Skeptic purchased commented 4 months ago

Do you have to have OpenSSL installed on your web machine? I have Cloudflare SSL, will it still work?

Stackz | VistaRP purchased commented 4 months ago

Demo isn't working.

Marcuz admin author commented 5 months ago

@Doc Yes, it works fine with PHP 7

Doc commented 5 months ago

Last version is 2 years ago is this PHP 7 compatible?

Lunaversity - censored purchased commented 7 months ago

how do i use this

Our owner just bought it and I have no idea what I'm doing as far as getting the web panel to work or even what the commands are in game. Any help would be useful!

Marcuz admin author commented 8 months ago

Unfortunately not, because you wouldn't really be able to spawn stuff through the web ui anyway as the roles on the web are not the same as ingame.

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