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Yuyu♥ commented 2 months ago

Also I don't feel like using this for admin requests plus sh reports for real reports. You should add a report thing with popups ingame aswell.

Yuyu♥ commented 2 months ago

Add a good forums, add prometheus support sothat it's just one website and I'd buy it for even $100

Cyan™ commented 2 months ago

when it says "Command Blacklist" does it also include console commands?

boom commented 3 months ago

is there a way to make it so admins can only noclip if on duty? with this?/ only a cretin job

Jam Session purchased commented 4 months ago

Hello! I was wondering if there would be a way to search by IP in the Admin config.

Marcuz admin author commented 5 months ago

Yes @zombie

@senpai you can make people have separate ranks on neutron than ingame

[E-G] Zombie-Shark purchased commented 5 months ago

Is it compatible with Maria DB ?

So I could make it so admins can get a seperate rank then there admin rank?

Marcuz admin author commented 5 months ago

in a quick action*

Marcuz admin author commented 5 months ago

It works with absolutely everything as long as you use the right code in custom action.

Does it make a seperate group then what ulx makes? Like can an Admin be an admin in the addon and a VIP in ulx?

Does it also work with bwhitelist?

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[BB2] JonnyBoy0719 purchased commented 5 months ago

Want to report that local Cmd = Neutron.Commands.List[T.type] is throwing an error.


rcon from "*.*.*.*:*****": command "neutron {"name":"restart","type":3,"msg":"Example text","time":"10"}"
Unknown command "{"
rcon from "*.*.*.*:*****": command "{"name":"restart","type":3,"msg":"Example text","time":"10"}"

[ERROR] addons/neutron/lua/neutron/commands.lua:55: attempt to index local 'T' (a nil value)
1. Run - addons/neutron/lua/neutron/commands.lua:55
2. unknown - addons/neutron/lua/neutron/commands.lua:45
3. unknown - lua/includes/modules/concommand.lua:54
Marcuz admin author commented 6 months ago

OpenSSL is not the same as SSL. So yes. PHP usually comes with OpenSSL.

Skeptic purchased commented 6 months ago

Do you have to have OpenSSL installed on your web machine? I have Cloudflare SSL, will it still work?

Stackz | VistaRP purchased commented 6 months ago

Demo isn't working.

Marcuz admin author commented 7 months ago

@Doc Yes, it works fine with PHP 7

Doc commented 7 months ago

Last version is 2 years ago is this PHP 7 compatible?

Lunaversity.me purchased commented 9 months ago

how do i use this

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