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No themes bad support but usefull addon

Keviro rated

Has alot of useful functions, is completely customizable and has a great support! If you need help you will get assistance from 1st hand :)

Hyrogenic rated

Fantastic product! Never disappointed by Marcuz and his team :)

Reggie rated

Support is horrible. But it is nicely designed.

Support is horrible? You didn't even have any tickets until 3 hours ago. Don't expect a reply immediately...

So far so good, great support, and works nicely. Same with Prometheus.

YoItSoul rated

This script is a good and functional. Sadly, I would not recommend it for any new starting server due to the lack of options. Overall the script works, but does not have the rich features of Prometheus.
3/5 for now, until a 5 Star update comes out.

SP Daft rated

This is a good support for my admin , but the panel don't worth 15$, promotheus is at the same price but with lot of feature than Neutron . lot of thing are missing. otherwise , the support is really great.

Manually assigned Grizzly Bear rated

WARNING: This is for advanced users. You can't have no experience with Lua and MySQL and set this up properly. Don't buy this unless you have someone who can set it up for you.

Otherwise, it looks great. Shame I can't use it.

Why you buy a web based addon with no knowledge of how web-hosts work is beyond me :s

Benn20002 rated

Easy setup, very useful. Just nice!

Sven rated

Very easy to setup and the support is great as well. My admins haven't got any problems with it and you got a !request function that is very usefull for your server.

Only problem: In some cases neutron didn't show all your players who are on the server and you can't start the server if the server is already down. I don't know if someone of the developers can fix this.

Much thanks to Marcuz and Newjorciks for the addon :)

Richard rated

Was in the process of coding something for my personal servers but I've had a lot going on lately, and I needed a finished solution for my staff. So I recently slapped this on my servers, and I have to say my staff love it. Very feature rich, and makes it easy for my staff to manage things. Although it's not surprising that it does everything it does, because it comes from Marcuz, and he puts a lot of time and effort into his scripts. Also own Prometheus, and they both work amazing. I honestly wouldn't recommend any other scripts besides both of these from Marcuz if you're looking for a donation system and/or an admin panel.

Clean, rich with features, works straight out of the box (as long as you follow the requirements), and I am at least safe knowing that if a bug is ever found, it will be fixed. Now I can focus on other things while my staff are busy doing their own things. Keep up the good work man.

Manually assigned TwoFactor rated

Absolutely astonishing! Great access for absolutely everyone! You've outdone yourself again, Marcus!

Instinkt rated

Really nice Thing

jmd7231 rated

Works great Ily marcuz <3

Mahnut rated

Top of a line support. Quality products. Own both prometheus and neutron. Couldn't be happier! can't wait for more products from you guys.

Brings Astraya back in a big way. I should mention that although this script is worth buying if you need an admin panel for your servers, any service from these guys at NMScripts is unquestionably the best investment you could make. Honestly, just take a look at the versions of this thing. Keep it up guys.

Amazing script and glorious support! Kinda feel like I tend to rely on it now :P

Script is amazing, once again Marcuz and Newjorciks have made an excellent script together. I can't wait to see what else they might have in store for us.

very big big panel, I love it, I love you :-)

Killer™ rated

Been using this for about 2 weeks and it is absolutely tremendous!

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