DJ Kit brings player- owned and controlled radio channels to your server. The players can either become DJs themself and transmit both voice and music or buy radios from the F4 menu to listen to the radio themself.

Master/client controllers:

Included entities

  • DJ Controller
    • Can stream music from Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, internet radios etc
    • Up to 99 channels to make sure you never have run out of space for DJs.
    • Controls the song queue and configures DJing related settings.
    • Broadcast DJ's voice to all radios
    • DJ Controller can be bought from F4 menu by included radio DJ job
  • Radio
    • A simple entity for playing music queued by the DJ
    • 3D volume that fades out over distance.
    • Has a built-in channel switcher and volume slider
    • Radio can be bought from F4 menu by anyone


  • First class DarkRP and sandbox support. If you are hosting some other gamemode and are not sure about compatibility, please contact me.
  • Intuitive 3D2D controls, which make it easy to manage the queue and change settings.
  • Up to 32 different radio channels.
  • Full Wyozi Car Radio support. Play radio channels in your car!
  • Supports Youtube, Vimeo, SoundCloud and more by default.


Unzip addon to addons folder and restart server. Wyozi DJ Kit entities should appear in your spawnmenu.

In-game setup

The script automatically adds job/entities for a DJ broadcaster.

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