Chessnut's Jailbreak is your go-to Jailbreak gamemode! Serving the Garry's Mod Jailbreak community since 2013, it provides you with the standard expectations for what Jailbreak is.

Want to see some game-play? Check out this video.

Chessnut's Jailbreak includes:

  • Re-vamped user interface with neat partially filled boxes!
  • Re-done scoreboard that is easily customizable. Adding your own columns is very simple. Scoreboard column modifications are done in gamemodes/jailbreak/gamemode/derma/cl_scoreboard.lua at the top.
  • Classic Counter-Strike weapons with model matching hands.
  • CS Weapons feature an accuracy system depending on your movement, length of spray, and crouching. Firing weapons now requires some skill.
  • Random knife chance of prisoners with VIP support
  • Swap list system
  • Round system
  • Map voting system
  • Spectating system after death
  • Warden opt-in/random selection system
  • Warden voting system
  • Warden waypoint system
  • System for splitting prisoners into red and blue teams evenly
  • Built-up running system
  • Slight movement camera bobbing for some realism
  • End-of-round slow motion with text
  • and more!

Chessnut's Jailbreak also has support for administrators:

  • jb_forceswap <name> console command to swap players between teams.
  • jb_forcespawn <name> console command to respawn players.

So what are you waiting for? Check out Chessnut's Jailbreak today!

*Chessnut's Jailbreak system does NOT support at the moment:

  1. Last Request
  2. Sniper Weapons
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