Note: Configuration support is not included in this product. All configuration is explained in full detail in the file, with examples. We can answer simple questions, but we are not here to write your configuration files for you.

Note: This script requires you to port forward your server in order for it to work.


Billy's Logs is the most popular efficient, feature-rich and customisable logging system on the market.

What's a logging system?

A logging system is a tool used by you and your admins to be the overwatch of your server - catch minges in the act, present evidence and interrogate with ease and be 100% certain when you or your admins make a decision. It is essential for any server to run a logging system as not everything can always be seen by an admin; things may go on in the background that can slip past and cause unnecessary distress among your players.

The logging system logs many things out the box. These range from different gamemodes to global actions that can sometimes be overlooked, and all of these modules can be enabled/disabled in the menu at any time.

I'm using X script for logging, why should I switch?

bLogs is the most popular logging system for a reason. It is the most feature-rich and widely supported logging system out there. All developers know about it and are happy to provide support for their scripts in bLogs with the useful developer knowledgebase available here.

Why bLogs?

Give your admins the experience they deserve and make a wise choice. As previously mentioned, bLogs is the most feature-rich and widely known logging system out there. A perk of this is that your admins will probably already know how to use it thanks to previous experience. If not, it's easy to learn and admins can access help from the menu. You'll never need to switch logging system again.

The Big Man Tyrone Endorsement


MySQL support (faster)

Self-translatable and comes in a range of languages out the box

Supports a range of gamemodes such as TTT, Breach, DarkRP etc. (see below)

Both quick and advanced searching options to find the logs you need

SteamID converter

Archiving to save CPU usage

Plethora of languages

Coloured logs which highlight important data

Minimum disk and CPU usage is guaranteed

Appealing UI

Easy to navigate categories of modules

ULX actions menu

Multiple copying options of players' data

Full admin panel where you can configure:

  • Operations (such as wiping the archive, resetting the config or archiving the current logs)

  • Enabling/disabling modules

  • Other general settings

  • Permissions

  • Player Format configurer

  • Support shortcut


Logging modules

Sandbox Prop spawns

Sandbox NPC spawns

Sandbox Effect spawns

Sandbox Ragdoll spawns

Sandbox SENT spawns

Sandbox SWEP spawns

Sandbox Vehicle spawns

Sandbox Toolgun use

DarkRP Adverts

DarkRP Arrests

DarkRP Battering Ram

DarkRP Cheques

DarkRP Demotes

DarkRP Doors

DarkRP Economy (money give, take, etc.)

DarkRP Hits

DarkRP Job Changes

DarkRP Lockpicking

DarkRP Pocket

DarkRP RPName Changes

DarkRP Wanted Status

DarkRP Warrants

DarkRP Weapon Checker

DarkRP Purchase vehicle

DarkRP Purchase SENT

DarkRP Purchase ammo

DarkRP Purchase shipment

DarkRP Purchase singles

DarkRP Hunger Mod Purchase food

Can see DarkRP job in the logs

TTT Body Discoveries

TTT DNA Collecting

TTT Item purchases (detective/terrorist)

TTT Karma kicks/bans

Can see TTT role in the logs

Logs show what Breach team a player is on

Murder Loot pickups

Can see Murder role in logs

Cinema Video requests

These are scripts with extended support for bLogs. This means that they make logs in bLogs and have their own categories and modules.

If you've made your script bLogs compatible, please let me know so I can add it to this list!


Thanks to all the beta testers of bLogs Remastered. They strived to give feedback on how the script can be improved to make sure you have the best experience after your purchase.

Luke for helping me get in contact with addon creators and testing during alpha stage

My other scripts

DRM Notice

bLogs uses a DRM called SecureGMod. It is used to protect my script from piracy and to keep business fair.

Any problems that result from a DRM should be handled appropriately. A DRM should never hinder a customer's experience. If you believe the DRM is hindering your experience (for a rational reason which you can back up) I can offer you a non-DRM version of the script.

SecureGMod does its best to be fast and effective. It does not use any of your server's bandwidth and updates are released regularly to make sure everything runs smoothly.

This notice does not mean that the littlest error that occurs that you have not attempted to fix is going to grant you a DRM-free copy. A DRM-free copy is a last resort.

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