Welcome to Billy's Logs (bLogs), the most powerful, most lightweight and most feature rich logging system on the market.

bLogs Revamped is a completely recoded version of the original bLogs which has an all new in-game, easy to use configuration & permission tool, saving system and a sleek new design - and best of all, the update is FREE!

bLogs is also multi-lingual and will help administrators identify what things are on the menu.

What is this "logging" that you talk of?

Do you find it annoying when your admins complain or have trouble finding out who did what and when? Well, bLogs solves this. bLogs logs everything that happens on your servers with an awesome menu to view all of these events. Admins will be able to take action instantly through the menu and sort things out very easily - and bLogs doesn't do just this. bLogs covers the who, with, what, where, when, how, and why of all of this. You won't have to be a detective anymore... the server will be the detective for you!

What stuff does bLogs log though?

By default, bLogs will log:

hi Players Chat

- Players Connections (with country)

- Players Disconnections (with reason)

- Players Kills (falldamage, PvP, PvE)

- Players Propkills

- Players Damage (falldamage, PvP, PvE)

- Players Propdamage


- DarkRP Lockpicks

- DarkRP Arrests

- DarkRP Unarrests

- DarkRP Job changes

- DarkRP RP Name Changes

- DarkRP Demotes

- DarkRP Doors/Vehicles

- DarkRP Battering ram

- DarkRP Hits

- DarkRP Buys (entities, printers etc.)

- DarkRP Wanted

- DarkRP Warrants

- DarkRP Pocket

- DarkRP Weapon Checks

- DarkRP Weapon Confiscation

- DarkRP Weapon Returns

- DarkRP Starvation

- DarkRP Adverts


- TTT Karma Kicks

- TTT Equipment buys

- TTT Bodies



- Sandbox Toolgun

- Sandbox Q Menu/Spawning


- Admin Mod Commands ServerGuard

- Admin Mod Commands ServerGuard (Silent)

- Admin Mod Commands ULX

- Admin Mod Commands Maestro

- Admin Mod Commands FAdmin (In DarkRP by default)


- Extras Ley's Anti Cheat

- Extras AWarn 2 [Free]

- Extras Hitman Module

- Extras HHH

- Extras Cuffs

- Extras Realistic Handcuffs

- Extras NLR Zones

- Extras Wyozi Cinema Kit

- Extras DarkRP Kidnapping Mod

- Extras Stungun SWEP

- Extras Realistic Kidnap System

- Extras Job Ranks System Customizable


- Supports all gamemodes

- Supports all admin mods (and includes built in logging for the most popular)

- Supports many extra ScriptFodder scripts (with auto detection)

- Lag free and optimized for even the most heavy servers

- Keeps logs after server restart allowing to see who crashed your server for example

- Feature requests, suggestions and support

- No invasive DRM - serverside code is saved and only updated when required

- Translation (comes with English and French)

- Splashes

- Instant developer support on weekends and holidays

- Optimised for servers with tens of thousands of logs and pages

- Full blown wiki and knowledgebase

- Chat printing

- Console printing

- Searching by keywords, players and even back in time

- Disable loggers

- MySQL support with web panel

- Easy to use player viewer

- Loads of highly customisable, optional loggers

- Clientside log saving

  • - Open in the menu and interaction and searching

  • - Saving in human readable format for forums, chats etc.

  • - Compression

- In-game configuration

- Timezones

- Clientside time formatting

- Customisable chat command

- Fixed console command (blogs)

- Freeze and god players while they are in the menu

- Serverside log saving (when they happen) with automation

- Customisable name formatting

  • - Health

  • - Armour

  • - SteamID64

  • - SteamID

  • - DarkRP Job

  • - TTT Role

  • - Usergroup (Default, custom, ServerGuard, ULX, FAdmin, Maestro etc.)

- Advanced, in-game permissions system for usergroups, SteamIDs and SteamID64s in menus and loggers

- Log quick copying

- Caching for quick use

- On-the-fly configuration

- Refreshing (if glitched)

- Resetting

- Clearing

- blogs_menu console command

- blogs_getcommand

- Customisable chat command


For the MySQL DLC, you'll need tMySQL4. Nothing else is required for bLogs. bLogs runs on all admins mods and gamemodes.


The bLogs Wiki contains everything you need to know about bLogs, the menu, the features, the loggers and installation instructions. If you need further help, you can always press the "Support" button to ask me any questions. If you haven't purchased, just post a comment and I'll be sure to send you a quick response.

You'll also find developer information if you want to make your own loggers.

Quick Links (Wiki)

The wiki is available to admins on the menu.

- Installation

- Configuration

- Saving

- Searching

- Menu tutorial

- Developer information

If you like bLogs, make sure to post a review! If you're thinking of making a review under 5 stars, make a ticket and I'll be sure to answer any questions or add any suggestions you come to me with. Thanks!

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