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Real rated

Works great especially for a Cinema server, everyone on the server loves it, extremely and easily customizable, and with the price making it an amazing deal, what's not to love? I'm especially in love with how others can spectate full games so that way they don't have to wait in boredom for the next game. I've only come across two problems in total. One being incompatibilty with three answer questions in the CAH base pack, and the other involving custom questions, as it seems like the addon wouldn't read our questions, which made us put them in the included pack, but those are very minor problems. Overall, this is a legendary addon and is a must-have for server owners who have 10 dollars to burn. 5/5

NecroFoxx rated

Awesome addon! 5/5

Great addon! Only thing its lacking is the actual feel of Cards against humanity! I highly reccomend the developer to add a default table model as an Entity with chairs around it so when you sit down it brings up the GUI to play. This is just my opinion though. 4 Stars from me.

Edit: Everything has been fixed since my review and Im thankful for the effort and support the creator put into this! Amazing script well done!

Richard rated

Purchased this for my servers because we often spend late nights in Teamspeak playing Pretend You're Xyzzy (Cards Against Humanity). And I wanted something that my players could do while they are waiting on the next round to start. As far as my staff, they absolutely love this. I spent a day and a half creating over 2,000 questions and answers, and we went in and played it for over 2 hours after I finished and had a blast. We actually didn't really even play the gamemode (murder) that night and forgot we were even in Garry's Mod. Our members love it as well, and it brings a tone of fun to the server for everyone. Very well put together and simplistic. Questions and answers are easy to add with just a simple .txt file. This addon should have more sales than what it has now. Good job.

5/5 addon, just need to fix it so when the score is reached it stops the game :)

Dr.Robotniik rated

Fantastic addon.

Manually assigned HarryTheNarwhal rated

10/10 I'd bang this script. Got to test it in pre-release and I loved it.

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