Version 1.2.2 Released 2 years ago
  • Added support for <cagx2> added to the text of the question to force 2 answers in that question
  • Added a button when creating game to reset scores and restart game when score limit reached, instead of closing game
  • 2 NEW LANGUAGE STRINGS! At bottom of cag_lang.lua
  • Removed ScriptEnforcer
Version 1.2.1 Released 2 years ago
  • Fixed score limit not ending game
  • Fixed 1 place where text wen't out of bounds
Version 1.2 Released 3 years ago
  • Added CAG Table, a table you can go up to, press E(Use) and play a game that can only be played at that table
  • Added a config(CAG.EnabledNormal) to enable only playing at a table
  • Fixed being able to have more than 2 answers for a question
  • Fixed answers sometimes changing order on multi-answer questions
  • Fixed enlarged answers/votables being drawn off screen if CAG.Scale was low
Version 1.1 Released 3 years ago
  • Added option for dead people chat to be seen only by other dead people(No ghosting in TTT for example)
  • Added blank cards
  • Added time limit for answering and voting
  • !!! Added more colors! Make sure to add them to your color schemes, if you don't, it will default to dark themed:
    PopupInputSendBG, PopupInputSendTxt, PopupInputBG, PopupInputCursor, PopupInputHighlight, PopupInputHint, PopupInputTxt
  • !!! Added new configs, if you don't add them, it will sue default values, info about what each does and how to use it can be seen in new config
    CAG.DeadChat = false
    CAG.AnswerTime = 60
    CAG.VoteTime = 60
    CAG.BlankChance = 100
  • !!! Added more language, necessary to add! Can just copy from new config
Version 1.0 Released 3 years ago

Initial version.

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