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A quick and effective way to receive donations with super simplicity!

Check out a live verison of the web panel:


  • No database requirements
  • two config files, web and game
  • Ingame shop panel, all happens realtime
  • Very simple and fast donation process
  • Credit system, a donation balance.
  • All done in config files, no extensive webpages, no external libraries, ALL PACKED INTO ONE
  • lightweight
  • Uses PayPal
  • Added packages, rewards ingame, auto refresh
  • Autofills steamid ingame

check_shop_credits - shows list of peoples credits

remove_shop_credits <steamid> <amount> - remove shop credits

give_shop_credits <name> <amount> - add shop credits

Multiple Servers

The shop works for one server, to keep it secure and
all managed in one zone, to keep simplicity, but you can make this work for multiple servers and its easy.

Just copy the web folder "shop", and re-paste it, and then rename it based off the server like tttshop, jbshop, rpshop and then inside the server addon just change the shopurl to it, thats all :)

Simple Setup

  1. Drop webpanel into your website and addon into your server
  2. Update the configs with your own generated pass and grab your api key
  3. Restart server and it's done, have fun adding your own exclusive packages with a few lines. :)

Make sure the pass on the web and game are the same, they confirm each other.

Make sure your PayPal IPN is not disabled ( by default, shouldn't be ) :)

Use give_shop_credits <name> <amount> for manually adding credits.

Package tips

All modules you download from me for this addon go in your server addons folder

You can add any type of reward you want
Put these in the purchase function of your game addon config.

  • Add a ulx rank:
    RunConsoleCommandd("ulx", "adduserid", ply:SteamID(), "yourrankname" )
  • Give RP Money
  • Pointshop
  • Perm weapons - inside "optional addons" folder
  • Make traitor this round
    ply:SetRole(ROLE_TRAITOR) SendFullStateUpdate()
  • Add a ulx rank that has a expiration - inside "optional addons" folder

ply:giveTimedRank( "vip", your_time_you_enter_in_seconds )

VGUI Makeovers

If you want your design to be a bit different and accustomed to your community, and don't know how to do web design, I can do it for a fee, if not just modify it yourself :)

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