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Awful support

LoveyGoo rated

works great and looks good at the same time
1.ez to use if you know basic coding
2.ez to make it appear to the menu

  1. pretty good
  1. Terrible config hard to use
  2. No video explaining everything in the config because the READ.ME doesn't explain it good at all for new lua coders.
  3. All video tutorials on youtube arn't in english.
Falkio rated

Good add-on
But POOR support I've been waiting for over a month now :/

AvoxPaine rated

I've used these printers for as long as I've had them, they're simple and work, mostly. Right now the only bugs I know of is that the printers do not remove when switching to a job that cannot buy the printers because they are not DarkRP entities and destroying printers gives you payout no matter the job or price you have it set to. I also have bad history with Dan's support. 6 months ago I made a support ticket about the job switching thing and Dan never provided a fix, only responded once, and finally after a month I came up with an alternative fix on my own. A little bit more than a month ago I made a support ticket about the destroy payout basically being broken and Dan has yet to respond but that is most likely because he was inactive on ScriptFodder for 2 months and was last active 2 days ago. If one or both of these issues are fixed from Dan's doing— not my own, I'll gladly increase the rating.

Amphirax rated

shit support

Ganged rated

This printer is highly customizable allowed me to modify the materials that weren't included in the files in ease, this printer and it's owner has earned my respect, I love this alot.

Dusty rated

Love these fricking things so much.

i love the design of the printers Amazing :)
this is my favorite Printers

10/10 printers, amazing config, keeps his customers happy with the updates, friendly guy 5/5 support, Great job my friend :)

I love everything about it. best printers around good price good for me good for everybody

Ghost rated

Amazing printers... However, they are confusing to add to DarkRP at first.

Linkjay rated

Easy and beautiful config. Would recommend this for any RP server.

Cookie rated

Awesome printers, SO easy to create new ones!

Threebow rated

Great printers. Extremely customize-able and easy to set up. Everyone on the server loves them.

E.Elite™ rated

Amazing and fast suporte, works amazingly, user friendly and very simple. Simply love this script and will never use any other kind

Love these printers and my players do too. Highly recommended.

SquadZ Max rated

By far the best money printer add-on that is very interactive and looks the best!


Leah rated

Printers look good, there's lots of customization which can be easy to customize.

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