rPrint is a highly customizable, interactive Money Printer with a full 3D2D interface.


  • Supports DarkRP 2.4.x as well as 2.5.x
  • 3D2D interface with buttons you can click by simply looking at the printer
  • Cooler with animated fan
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Temperature gauge and overheat
  • Ability to either remove or maintain printers when players disconnect
  • All values update in real time, at configurable intervals
  • Well optimized
  • Option to have the cooler break at random times
  • Optional explosion effect on overheat
  • Ability to quickly and easily add new printers or modify existing printers with all of the configuration options below
  • Configurable colors, money print rate, heat rate, cool rate, cooler efficiency, power consumption, recharge and cooler cost, printer health, money payouts to Police for destroying printers, and more!


  1. Purchase & Download
  2. Extract to addons


Included is a README that explains the various configuration options.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send me a PM or open a support ticket here on ScriptFodder.

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