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MInventory is a unique and beautiful non-grid based inventory and shop system that supports all gamemodes including DarkRP 2.5+ and sandbox.


Drag Drop




  • Works with any gamemode - Including DarkRP (shipments and guns included!

  • Permanent Items - Players keep their items when they disconnect and items will sync through servers if you connect them to the same database. Items save through SQLite or MySQL (whichever you want) so the system is efficient and fast.

  • Equipment System - Players can equip primary and secondary weapons that stay with them through rejoins/deaths

  • Backpack System - Players can increase their inventory size by purchasing backpacks

  • Shop NPCs - Players can purchase new items from shop NPCs included in this addon. You can add as many shop NPCs/Items as you want.

  • Easy - To open the inventory, just press shift + E

  • Beautiful - All GUI elements are themed creating a unique experience for your server

  • Drag + Drop - All items can be dragged and dropped to the relevant place.


Just drop the 'manolisinventory' folder into your addons folder and edit the sv_config.lua file.


If you find a bug or need installation support, please create a ticket using the 'Support' button above (after you've purchased)

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