This is a complete recode of my original Darkrp arena


Ever have people join just to mass RDM? who hasn't

Ever been bored of RPing and just feel like killing something? who hasn't?

That is where Darkrp Arena comes into the picture

Give your players a way to vent their destructive behavior

What is Darkrp Arena?


"DarkRP Arena is a script that gives your playerbase the option to slake their unquenchable bloodthirst outside of the normal roleplaying setting without any of the complaints of mass RDM, on top of a cash reward for the winning team. Fast-paced, customize-able action gives players that much-needed rest from roleplaying by giving them a home in which they can eviscerate their friends and foes alike, painting a bloody landscape of intense carnage, free of penalty."

  • PsychicToaster

What has changed since Darkrp Arena v1?

  • No more dependency on darkrp jobs
  • Should work with ANY gamemode (though will be really strange for gamemodes where death brings you spectator mode, IE TTT)
  • Class system similar to TF2 (you choose starting weapons and starting health for each class)
  • Menu for joining your team and selecting your class
  • Auto team balancing
  • Saves your current weapons when you enter the arena and gives them back when you leave it
  • Team killing support
  • Redone scoreboard
  • Ability to add an unlimited number of teams (to many could make the scoreboard to long(6+))
  • Superadmin only weapon to place spawns

Feel free to add me on steam after putting in a support ticket (so i get an email notification) for support. Support is normally given within 1-2 hours of a support ticket being placed (unless im asleep) and normally its actually within minutes.

You must have a place on your map if you want a physical arena or use one of these maps

You may decided that you dont want an arena at all and have the arena players fight on the streets, that is up to you

Spawn placer weapon video

Superadmin spawn placer

How to use the arena and showing off a few of the features

How to join the arena

This is a video of an old version of darkrp arena,
Same basic concept

--To Do--
--Add npc to join arena with

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