First available Private Properties-and-Houses system

At least 2 3D panels per house (inside and outside) (most of the house got 4-6 panels)

Permanent houses, once you bought it, it's yours and no one else can put props in it (he can if he's co-owner)/buy it

Houses for rent (set how many days in the config)
You can define which houses are for rent and which ones are premanent in the houses file

Prop saving for the owner + autosave

Co-owner system

Prop protection against non-owners/non-co-owners

Performance friendly

"Force sell" button for admins, to deal with people who bought perma houses and left the server forever.

Custom door system.

Permanent Properties use it's own door system which means you don't have to worry about buying the doors/selling them, adding co-owners etc... just download the last version of the darkrp and you're fine.

Bell system

Tools to add your own houses on the maps you want


Demo of the 3D Panel

Compatibles maps :

  • new rp_suncity_v2a with 6 houses, check changelogs for pics
  • new rp_florida with 8 houses, check changelogs for pics
  • rp_rockford (all officials versionsv v1, v2a, v2b... and open) : 8 houses
  • rp_downtown_v4c_v2 : 8 houses
  • rp_retribution_v2 : 8 houses
  • rp_evocity_v33x : 7 houses
  • rp_evocity2_v5p : 6 houses
  • rp_paralake_city_v3 : 7 houses

    I advise you to rise the home prices, because players will rush the houses to buy them, only setting a high price to the houses will equilibrate the Supply/demand ratio.

More maps and houses are coming, I'm waiting for your advice, tell me the maps you want to see.

I'm not adding all the houses because it does require too much time and you need some non-perma houses for casual players.

You can find a more complete guide there with a video showing you how to add your own house, don't worry I'll add houses for more maps but i need you to tell me which maps ;) , don't forget, there are tools to help you making houses, just check the video)


How do i know if i can buy a house ?

First, there will be the name of the house (which the dev of your server change in the house_list.lua file), under this name, if there is a price, you can buy it, else they will be the Owner name at the moment he bought the house.

How to buy/rent houses ?

Each houses has at least two 3D panels, one inside and one outside, so each houses has it's own panels, no more ugly npc buying system. It's 2016 cmon ! Not 1970

The player can't chose if he buy or rent the house, it's defined in the config file.

So how the panel works ?

You don't have to worry about what you can do, if you can't use a button, there will be a red STOP sign on it, you can't miss it.
To use it, stay close to it, and press E or left click.
Garry's mod use system working like a cone, not a line so if you're too far from the button and the door is near the button (so the door in your field of view), you may open the door accidentally.

Yeah but what the panel can do ?

  1. Buy/rent/sell the house
  2. Ring the bell
  3. Manage "buddies" to add co-owners
  4. Lock/Unlock all doors at the same time, before going on VACation (jk)
  5. Manually save props, if the owner don't want to wait for the -each-5mn-autosave-
  6. Give your rights to someone else (You give all your rights, it means you're not the owner anymore)

So it's perma , well if i want it to be perma ? how the doors system is handled ?

-It's handled by the addon, that's, owner and co-owners don't need to buy the doors, they will have access to the door using their keys and the 3D panel

So i got my perma houses but some doors are buy-able , wtf

It's because installing the addon, one of your admins did set them as "buy-able", that's why, set them back at non-buy-able and it will be okay.
I did test the addon on a fresh-installed-darkp, i didn't have this problem but on a 64/64 server, admin did add the doors before.

If a player leave the server for one week, what is going to happen ?

Depend how you config the addon, depends if the house is for rent or not, in any case, even if the house is perma, any admin can "force-sell" the house

Why no support perma props for co-owners ?

Let's say the owner got perma props, he disconnect, then few mins later his props are removed by your prop protection system (they will be auto-restored when he comes back, to prevent prop spam on the server), his friends who can spawn props and save them (right now, only spawn them, not save) put some props at the same position the owner did ... then he come back and boom .... prop conflict..

Wait , so saved props are only coming back when the owner is connected

Yes but co-owner can still put with duplicator (or not if you disabled it) their props (but will not be saved).
Let me explain you why only Owners props are saved and restored only when he comes back
Let's say you have 8 houses on your server, and the prop-limit is 30.
It does add 240 props to the server (max), that's non-negligible performance impact.

Now let's say co-owners's props are saved, and each house has like 40 props.
It now adds 320 props to your server, that's more entities to deal with it, less fps for your server.

How hard it is to add houses ?

Adding houses does require some knowledge, like basic maths and how coordinates works.
But, there two tools and a video (Warning, french accent) and the install guide helping you adding houses.
It's tricky, not hard, you just have to understand what Lua is, it's just like filling boxes, see the video and you'll get it.

French install guide, the english one has more infos

Can i request new maps ?

If you bought the addon before 18/02/2016 (DD/MM/YYYY) you can request maps for free.

Else i don't think i'll add more maps, it takes me time to add maps, you have the tools to add houses on maps, each house take like 2 min to add, there is also a video explaining everything you need to add houses, so yeah...

So i'm in singleplayer and-- ?

Don't add houses in single player, the panels are not goint to work, because the server will think your steamID is Zero, and the client (you) will got your real steamID. (There are protection on server and on client side)
Don't go in singleplayer, and don't host the server on your Gmod client, use a dedicated server tool with a static ip (AKA A god damn dedicated server)

No it's saving .txt in your data folder.

How to add a cellar with the tools

Look here

I created my house but i can't use the doors

Look here


Before sending a bug report, be sure to know how to reproduce the bug, don't tell me "sometimes it does...."
Enable the debug mode in the config file (see the install guide) and send me the logs. (Useful if there is a crash)

Use ScriptFodder support system, if i can't help you easily, i'll add you on steam to talk about it.

I do speak English and French

Check out my other dank script


Except some special cases, no refunds.


This addon is using a SecureGmod, no need to link your server.

Not working if you host it on your computer, you gonna need a server.

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