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What is Deathrun?

Deathrun is a garrysmod gamemode which involves two teams - Runners and Deaths - and a series of elaborate death traps. The Runners must dodge, bait, and distract in order to avoid certain death and complete the course. The Deaths must do whatever they can to prevent the Runners from achieving their goal.

What is Neue?

Deathrun Neue is a comprehensive, feature-rich Deathrun gamemode produced by Arizard with the help of testers such as Zelpa, Bobbis, Skittles, Krystal, Baksus (and the Redline Gaming community) and A Faceless Baby. This gamemode comes standard with many popular Deathrun features - such out-of-the-box thirdperson mode, pointshop support (PS 1, PS 2), AFK timers, and a nominate/rtv mapvote system. The gamemode also includes lesser-known features, such as automatic button claiming, custom crosshairs, death avoidance punishments, and trigger zones for added map functionality.

The gamemode also has a focus on customisability, featuring various client-side convars for each player's unique tastes, and also serverside convars to allow owners customize their server's gameplay.


  • Automatic AFK / Idle kicker (configurable)
  • Death Avoidance Penalty (configurable)
  • Pointshop 1 and 2 support - points awarded on successfull kill or winning the round (configurable)
  • Map trigger zones - define an end-of-map zone to award players who finish the map (spawns balloons when they finish!)
  • ULX Scoreboard support - easy access to common ULX commands through the scoreboard
  • Clientside settings menu - Press F2 to personalize your experience - these save between different servers, so you don't need to reset them!
  • Celebration screen with MVPs - At the end of the round, the gamemode displays the winning team as well as MVPs from the winning team
  • Mapvote - Players can nominate maps using the !nominate command, and can trigger mapvotes using the !rtv command
  • Weapons - CS:S weapons are included by default, so no tricky configurations! The included weapons feature proper recoil, decreased running accuracy and headshot multipliers.
  • Custom HUD Support - the default HUD shows Health, Velocity, round timer, team, and ammo. 2 other HUDs are included by default, one with a Sassilization theme, and the other with the classic deathrun (Mr. Gash) theme. The HUD layout and positioning can be configured by each players!
  • Custom crosshairs - based on the CS:GO crosshair convars, players can type !crosshair to change the appearance of their crosshair - change things like color, stroke width, length, and gap.
  • Singleplayer support - Joining an empty server will allow you to explore the map in godmode.
  • Autojump - autojump is included by default, as well as an autojump velocity cap - this is configurable by the server owner.
  • Button Claiming - to claim a button, walk towards it and stand near it. No other players can press your claimed button. This prevents "button stealing".
  • Unstuck command - type !unstuck to free yourself. This is broadcasted to the server, and cannot be done within 30 seconds of taking damage. This is to prevent abuse of this command.


  • Download the .zip of this repository by clicking the button on the right.
  • Copy deathrun-master into your /garrysmod/gamemodes directory.
  • Rename deathrun-master to deathrun.
  • In your server.cfg, add or modify a line such as the following:
    <pre>gamemode deathrun</pre>
  • If you prefer to add it to your command line, add or modify a line such as the following
    <pre>+gamemode deathrun </pre>
  • That's it!


Hooks and ConVars

Please refer to hooks_and_convars.txt in the deathrun folder - this will list all the available hooks and convars (clientside, shared, and server) for the gamemode.

You can also edit the config.lua file directly, but I don't recommend this.

Media and Playtesting

OFFICIAL Playtesting Server (Australia, VHS-7 Community, always on the most recent version (and sometimes a few versions ahead), 20 slots): connect

Playtesting Server 2 (UK/EU, Redline Community, populated, 32 slots): connect

Zones tutorial: Youtube Video


You can either open a support ticket here on GitHub, Scriptfodder, or join the developer steam group and post a comment by following the link below.

Developer Steam Group Page

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