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Want police and other emergency lights, sirens? Check this out.

VCMod is designed to make the vehicles in garrysmod just as good as the vehicles in any other game

It is meant to improve the games vehicle's quality. Can be used in machinima, realistic roleplay, just randomly messing around.

After installing VCMod servers usually get a huge boost of server traffic and overall lift the servers feeling of realism.

All major vehicle packs are supported (over 1600 vehicles), which include:
TDM'S, LONEWOLFE'S, SGM'S, SPED'S, SGT'S, Roy's, Maxv's and any standalone vehicle that are available on worshop I could find.


  • Multi-gamemode support:
    • All versions of DarkRP
    • Sandbox
    • PERP
    • SantosRP
    • Underdone
    • And plenty more, if yours does not, let me know
  • FastDL already setup: don't have to worry about that little thing yourself
  • Vehicle lighting system: the system for vehicle lights has been overhauled countless times by now to give you detailed visuals as almost no impact to ingame performance.
    • Able to customize ingame how each section of the lights look
    • Able to chose between different light visual styles from the ingame menu
    • High beams: illuminates even the darkest of places
    • High beams flasher: flashes high beams while you hold the key
    • Low beams: shines the road in front of you without blinding other drivers
    • Running lights: "Day lights", in other words, its mandatory by law to keep these on at all times, in most of the world
    • Fog lights: wide area of shine, does not shine very far, careful not to blind other drivers
    • Hazards: the "allows me to park anywhere" lights
    • Turn signals (sequential): for the most serious of roleplay's
    • Brake lights: gives some warning to the drivers behind you
    • Interior: these only toggle for a few seconds while the door is opened
    • License plate lights
  • Trailer support: two main connection types:
    • Light vehicle connection
    • Heavy vehicle (truck) connection
  • Fuel system youtube showcase:
    • Multiple fuel types, 3 fuel types by default, all have different pricing, refuel speed, weight
    • Lid positions: can only refuel vehicle at its fuel tank lid
    • Dynamic fuel capacity, consumption: depending on many variables, including engine stress, speed, mass, towed mass
    • Fuel stations
    • Fuel pickup entities: gas station too far? No problem
    • Customizable: can override the prices, speeds, some other fancy things
    • Ingame menu to add/remove fuel stations
    • Persistence: once placed they will spawn automatically the next time and respawn if needed
    • Custom jerry can weapon: fully lua animated, can carry fuel in hands to your vehicle
  • Passenger seats:
    • Ingame key bindings to switch between seats
    • Custom exit positions
    • Different seat types: for example: seats in ELS vehicles does not allow to switch to forward or exit
  • Passenger Drive by: allows passengers to fire weapons while in vehicle
  • In car precise player damage: overrides the default vehicle damage, precision can be altered, can be toggled at will
  • Segmental: disable or adjust every feature one by one from the ingame menu
  • Vehicle name: Shows a vehicle name when you enter it using the 3D HUD
  • Fancy HUD: Fully animated with multiple stages. Displays health, cruise, fuel etc. 3D effects intensity can be adjusted
    • Left side HUD for features such as the "Vehicle name"
    • Right side (main) HUD for light, health, fuel, ELS information
    • Middle bottom of the screen for limited time activity features: such as "Cruise Control" or "Drive by"
  • Exhaust: custom particle effects, for light/heavy vehicles, idle/stress showcase
  • Engine backfire: custom effects, sounds. Damages the engine slightly, get it fixed before it costs you a new engine showcase
  • Surface sliding sounds (completely clientside): showcase
    • Custom sound effects specific for each surface type
    • Each wheel has individual sound, if sounds are the same, they are combined per car
  • Tire marks on the ground (completely clientside): showcase
    • Fades after a while
    • Ability to adjust detail (performance improvements)
    • Same as the effects, each wheel can slip on its own
  • Flat tire effects: showcase
    • Custom sounds
    • Custom particle effects
  • Spike strip: custom model, fancy lua, model animations showcase
    • Can be set to be auto given to all ELS vehicle drivers
    • Can be placed, picked up, extended, retracted
  • Pickup kit's: various pickup kits to repair the car, etc, with fancy HUD elements
  • Reverse sound: big (truck) vehicles emit reverse beep
  • Damage system: custom effects, sounds showcase
    • Vehicle starting health is depended of the vehicles weight, volume, type
    • Over 50 custom made collision sounds, all about perfecting the feeling of realism
    • Two engine damage stages, smoke, fire, explosion
    • All fully custom effects
  • Repair man NPC: with fancy repair menu showcase
    • Fancy repair menu
    • Each part costs individually
    • Engine does not need a new part unless its fully destroyed
    • Time taken per each part is individual
    • Time costs money, the more time it takes, the higher the price
    • Repair Man NPC has persistence in it, only have to place once
    • Shows where the damage is on the vehicle in the menu
  • Vehicle parts and new repair wrench: showcase
    • If engine is not fully destroyed you only need to wrench it
    • You need to place the part on the damaged area before you can wrench it in
    • Repair times for each time are different and customizable
  • Part damage: showcase
    • Lights can now be shot out (fancy effects, sounds)
    • Tires can now be blown out (fancy effects, sounds)
    • Exhaust can be shot out (fancy effects, sounds)
    • Fuel lid (gas tank) can be shot (explodes if enabled)
  • Door sounds: an open and close sound depending, synced with vehicles door anim, if it has it
  • Cruise Control: car stays at a constant speed regardless if you are holding the throttle or not
  • Dynamic Third Person view: this particular feature went through quite a few overhauls over the years. auto focus, view drag, dynamic sync, auto focuses when reversing
    • Can chose from several types of view's
    • Automatically focuses on where you are going, including reversing
    • Raises or lowers depending on the player actions
    • Stiffens and loosens depending on the driving style
    • Shifts to mid-point between the vehicle and the trailer, if a trailer is connected
    • Is not locked on solely the vehicle, this smoothes out the bumps and keeps the view stable in relation to the world
  • Horn: Hold and release type of system
  • Steer Lock: when exiting the wheels will stay turned to the direction you turned when before exiting
  • Control menu: control every single feature of VCMod also give information about controls, setup NPC, etc
    • Allows you to
  • Language support: all VCMod related text will change depending on selected language. Auto detects language also changeable in !vcmod menu, ss of 2016.10.19 VCMod supports 19 different languages
    • Ingame language translation tool so you could instantly translate it and share it with the rest of VCMod community
  • Mult-currency support: can chose which currency the server uses VCMod-wide
  • Car dealer:
    • Fancy effects and dragging for the menu
    • Several sections
    • All customization done ingame
    • Spawn platforms (can add with a single mouse click)
    • Persistence: car dealers will remain in the map after restart and restore if force fully removed
  • Key binds:
    • Every single control of VCMod can be rebinding from the ingame menu
    • Admins can override each player binding on a specific server from an ingame menu
    • Hold keys, primary hold keys, hold times: all of these can be altered, to allow to bind several controls on the same key
  • Other tiny too many to name features: a few if them: reduced driver damage, handbrake sound, internal logging, etc.

I will try to update it regularly, if you have bug reports, I will be glad to help out.


  • Lights are rendered fully client-side, no entities, no lag
  • Light data for each car type is sent only once per new car type
  • Admin can adjust times of lights auto shut off if the car is left alone
  • Admin can disable headlight option in the menu
  • Each playercan turn off dynamic lights if too laggy
  • Each player can turn off each light layer one by one if too laggy
  • Each player can reduce the size of each light layer+ dynamic light
  • Dynamic lights gets reduced in size and shut off when its far enough
  • Lights do not render if far enough
  • Lights have LOD's, the further out you go, the more light layers will turn off, keeping it not noticeable
  • Lights pretty, expensive-to-render parts will be replaced by dummy parts once further away
  • Lights will only render the pretty glow depending on how lit the vehicle is
  • Each player can turn off lights on their own if too laggy
  • Each player can select lights auto fade out distance
  • Each player can set his tire tracks fade time
  • Each player can set his tire tracks detail
  • Each player can set the draw distance for the effects
  • Each player can set which effects to use

Overall, I have not gotten any complaints about VCMod being too laggy, it is optimized as best as it could be. Some cars have over 2000 total lights on them, no noticeable lag even with several vehicles spawned.

For any more info or questions or if you want a vehicle to have VCMod support contact me:



Youtube: VCMod sneak peak of the new features

Youtube: SAMOSTWANTED VCMod showcase

Youtube: light showcase

Youtube: VCMod Main+ ELS showcase

Youtube: LW VCMod demo

Special thanks to:

LoneWolfie - for helping me with screenshots, for being awesome and for modeling the VCMod health pickup models

TheDanishMaster - for moral support since start of development

SGM - HD textures, being a friendly chap

Creeper - Giving a hell lot of help with VCMod data

VCMod is updated almost daily. Updates frequently bring new features completely for free. Tiny bug fixes are done in the background.

You never have to update VCMod, thanks to the Auto Update features. This does mean that you will have to have an internet connection to be able to use the addon, sadly. This Auto Updater has an included DRM aswel.

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