Casino Kit: Blackjack

Casino Kit: Blackjack is meant to be a close replica of real casino blackjack for Garry's Mod.
This script follows all the rules of real casino blackjack, and is meant to give the real casino experience.

Video demo:

  • Real cards and chips; everything happens in 3D world
  • 3D2D user interface
  • Follows casino blackjack rules and has most options including splitting, insurance, double down and even money.
  • Built-in support for exchanging DarkRP currency and Pointshop 1/Pointshop 2 points (PM me or Hobbes if you want to use another currency)
  • No downloads on-join. All resources are loaded as needed.
  • Based on Casino Kit which gives this script the following features:
    • Chip exchange system with NPC and chips that work between casino kit games
    • Dealer npc and custom dealer (custom model, voice pack etc) support
    • Custom cardpack support
    • Cryptographic PRNG support

E - Enter/Exit seat
SHIFT - Hold down while upping/lowering bet to go by 10s
ALT - Same as shift but for 100s
CTRL - Thirdperson / birdview of table

Move casinokit and casinokit-blackjack folders to your garrysmod/addons folder replacing the existing folders if needed. Make sure all casinokit scripts are up to date, so you don't have issues caused by different versions of casinokit.

What happened to the old version?
The old version had very limited options, and was actually made with some pretty messy code. When Hobbes made the casino kit base, I scrapped the old version to rewrite a better script that was made to be compatible with other casino games.

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