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Tony rated

I dont recommend anyone buy this script there is a better alternative with a full doctor system for around the same price.

Script is complete rubbish and does not work

Goofbelly rated

Only works when DarkRP is configured a certain way. Would not have purchased if I knew chars would respawn at spawn when revived. Useless to me due to this key info left out of the description.

Rude creator. Closed ticket on me with very few words.

Must have for medic & to keep civs from going out killing and spawning and doing it over and over again.

luphi100 rated

In one Sentence:
very nice, but 5 stars, he will get when he add an Countdown

Zolfer rated

Had to delete my first review because the author wrote "lol you never responded to ur ticket" to cover it up, which i did btw. DO NOT BUY THIS SCRIPT, the author is very rude, the script itself has little to no features, its very glitchy, and support sucks, would rate lower if I could, lmao. By far the worst script ive ever purchased.

Very glitchy? lol
alt text

Blue rated

Tres bon script.

Ronan™️ rated

Ah yes. The defibrillator. I do love this addon / script. I'd say it's worth the money great support great script. 8/10.

Firav rated
darkthelord2 rated

very good script !work perfectly :)

Nothelle rated

Very nice guy. I asked for him to add something and he done it! (He didn't have to do it) I am very pleased with his script as it contains little or no bugs what so ever. Deserves so much more recognition for his scripts. Well done!

Dayzfanatic rated

Excellent script! Author responded to my problems with it immediately and updated the script for everyone to enjoy! Good job hope to see more from you!

monstrotac rated

Extremely usefull script!
4 stars because it could be more specific but the creator answered fast and helped me alot! I highly recommend it!

Thank you for the feedback :)

Didnt work at the beginning, author updated it and has been nothing but helpful. Always quick response times with willingness to adjust to your individual needs. Defib works great now too.

Doesn't work at all for me. People aren't able to spawn when they change jobs. Meh.

Fixed. Please update.

Icon rated

If I could rate -10 I would.

Rude, and arrogant support. Told me to give him 2 minutes and had me waiting for an entire day, then because I was respectively concerned with the wait time he told me he wasn't going to fulfill my support request and told me to get over myself.

Poor attitude, poor script with pointless functions that override your servers initial functions and aren't easily disabled or customizable.

After his demonstration of selfish carelessness I asked for a refund as I just wasted my money, and then he decided to close the thread with no response.

I was nothing but kind to him.

Please keep in mind that you asked for features to be added and I worked diligently on it. You then complained that I abandoned you.
I did not have to modify the code so it works for you. I did not have to take time out of my day to pin point an issue you were having. I did it because I was being nice.

When you started to disrespect me after I was nothing but helpful you lost access to support. I will not be disrespected.

You will not receive further support nor will you receive a refund.

Manually assigned idiot rated

Excellect script. Tested this while in it's developing stage.

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