Note: Configuration support is not included in this product. All configuration is explained in full detail in the file, with examples. We can answer simple questions, but we are not here to write your configuration files for you.

Note: This script requires you to port forward your server in order for it to work.


bWhitelist is the most stable, lag free and functional job whitelisting system you'll find for Garry's Mod. It is the best rated and best selling whitelisting system for a reason.

What's a job whitelisting system?

A job whitelisting system is a tool used by you, your admins and your players to easily control who can access your server's jobs for DarkRP forks such as MilitaryRP and StarWarsRP. It's not just for those forks though, so use it wherever you want! The system is a simple customCheck replacer. Normally, you'd have to add SteamIDs to the customCheck fields on your DarkRP jobs in order to allow specific players to access those jobs. Now, you won't have to do that. bWhitelist will automatically "add" people to these customChecks for you without server restarts. This saves you, your players' and your admins' time and makes the whole process a lot smoother.

An example of bWhitelist in action is on StarWarsRP servers.. a trainer would be able to train recruits to become stormtroopers. Once those people pass your tests the trainer can simply open up the menu and add them to the job whitelist for stormtroopers. Infact, they don't even have to open the menu, they can just use the context menu to right click the player and add them to the whitelist through there.

I'm using ULX to whitelist my players, why should I switch?

ULX is a very impractical way of whitelisting your players.

  • Trainers have to request admins to change people's usergroups
  • Admins can change usergroups which means they can easily abuse people's ranks
  • The whole process is A LOT slower
  • Creating and maintaining all those usergroups is effort! bWhitelist has an easy "enable all whitelists" button
  • When someone becomes a staff member they are whitelisted to every job even when they shouldn't be. Therefore you have to trust your staff to not become those jobs. Staff can't be whitelisted to specific jobs.
  • Staff don't need to buy VIP to access better jobs

In conclusion: are you using ULX? Stop for the sake of your players and admins.

Why use bWhitelist?

Other scripts have laggy methods of storing whitelist information and have caused server owners (and even players) countless hours of frustration.

bWhitelist also has the widest script support and the most features of any system.

bWhitelist is the cure to all of your problems. Switching from another whitelist system? No worries - all your whitelist data can be transferred from the previous systems in the click of a button.

bWhitelist is your only option! You'll never have to switch to another whitelist system.

Even Big Man Tyrone agrees!


bWhitelist has many features for you, your admins, players and servers:

MySQL support - sync all your whitelists across all of your servers and save performance by doing all the processing on your MySQL server instead!

Context menu support - your players will simply be able to right click other players using the context menu to easily interact with their whitelists.

No customChecks - you won't have to edit your job file at all. bWhitelist uses native DarkRP hooks to control the flow of jobs.

Supports most versions of DarkRP and DarkRP forks & renames such as StarWarsRP and MilitaryRP.

Built in SteamID finder

Whitelist SteamIDs, SteamID64s and usergroups

No bottleneck on the server (remember, for increased performance use MySQL where possible!)

Will never crash your server

Compatible with all admin mods

Saves as you go along and automatically syncs with other players with the menu open

Advanced config

Billy's Logs support

Importing from Nordahl's Whitelisting System and Mayoz' Whitelisting System

Notifies users if they've been whitelisted or unwhitelisted to jobs

Copy to clipboard buttons

Search in the jobs list and the whitelist

Supports all donation systems

Language support

If MySQL is disabled it'll use the local SQLite database which is a lot more stable and less laggy than files

Clear whitelist button

Disable/enable whitelists fast and easily

"Players" tab which shows all the players on the server with buttons to interact with their whitelists

Extra permissions for the server owner - reset the whole system, enable all whitelists, disable all whitelists etc.

Lua API for developers

No third-party content downloading required - this will not slow down the time it takes to join your server, and all UI elements are visible to all players

And more with your ideas...


Donation systems

Want to use bWhitelist in your donation system? When a user purchases a package, make the server run a console command.

The console commands for bWhitelist are as followed:

bwhitelist_enable_whitelist "Team name"

Enables the whitelist for the specified team.

bwhitelist_disable_whitelist "Team name"

Disables the whitelist for the specified team.

bwhitelist_add_to_whitelist_steamid "SteamID or SteamID64" "Team name"

Adds the specified SteamID or SteamID64 to the whitelist for the specified team. The team's whitelist must be enabled for this to work.

bwhitelist_add_to_whitelist_usergroup "Usergroup" "Team name"

Adds the specified usergroup to the whitelist for the specified team. The team's whitelist must be enabled for this to work.

bwhitelist_remove_from_whitelist_steamid "SteamID or SteamID64" "Team name"

Removes the specified SteamID or SteamID64 from the whitelist for the specified team. The team's whitelist must be enabled for this to work.

bwhitelist_remove_from_whitelist_usergroup "Usergroup" "Team name"

Removes the specified usergroup from the whitelist for the specified team. The team's whitelist must be enabled for this to work.

bwhitelist_clear_whitelist "Team name"

Clears the whitelist of the specified team.

To use these commands on donation systems, donation systems such as Prometheus have a way to "autofill" the commands. An example for Prometheus is:

bwhitelist_add_to_whitelist_steamid "{SteamID}" "some donator job"

If you want to do multiple commands at once, use semicolons:

bwhitelist_add_to_whitelist_usergroup "Usergroup" "Team name"; bwhitelist_add_to_whitelist_usergroup "Usergroup" "Team name"; bwhitelist_add_to_whitelist_usergroup "Usergroup" "Team name"

Developers (Lua)


Thanks to all the beta testers of bWhitelist Revamped. Thanks especially to Anri and Nathan who gave really in-depth feedback and bug reports!

My other scripts

DRM Notice

bWhitelist uses a DRM called SecureGMod. It is used to protect my script from piracy and to keep business fair.

Any problems that result from a DRM should be handled appropriately. A DRM should never hinder a customer's experience. If you believe the DRM is hindering your experience (for a rational reason which you can back up) I can offer you a non-DRM version of the script.

SecureGMod does its best to be fast and effective. It does not use any of your server's bandwidth and updates are released regularly to make sure everything runs smoothly.

This notice does not mean that the littlest error that occurs that you have not attempted to fix is going to grant you a DRM-free copy. A DRM-free copy is a last resort.

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