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Speedsters for DarkRP - Flash/Reverse Flash/Zoom

Garry's Mod addon for Speedsters. Inspired by the CW show The Flash.

View a promotional video on YouTube.


  • Characters such as The Flash, The Reverse Flash, Zoom with speed powers
  • Stunning effect for traversing quickly
  • Unique sounds for each speedster
  • Developer-friendly hooks
  • In-depth configuration files to change everything
  • Ability to steal speed from other speedsters

Installation method

  • Unzip the module and place it into your addons folder.
  • Read the README.md that is placed inside the module.
  • If you have any further inquiries regarding installation please send in a support ticket or refer below on how to contact me.

Bugs & suggestions

Whether you have a suggestion, request or a bug report, please do not refrain from opening a support ticket on ScriptFodder or contacting Devul on Steam.


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